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10 Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling to Australia

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With its diverse landscapes and intense culture, Australia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. However, tourism in Australia can be expensive. You’ll want to make the most of your budget, and for that, there are options such as rent serviced apartments in Melbourne CBD. If you are excited about the idea of visiting Australia for the first time, consider these ten tips before you go:

1. Visa

Check if you need a visa in your case! Australia receives about 5 million tourists a year, almost all apply for a visa to enter the country. The process to get it is totally online, and usually takes a few days. Be sure to print the final document and have it with your passport when traveling. It will save you many setbacks.

  1. Flight time

Few countries occupy a short flight time to Australia. In most cases, it will take about 24 hours (maybe more if you have to do a couple of stops). To facilitate the long journey: hydrate well carries in your hand luggage something to distract you, try sleeping on the plane and synchronize with the time of destination.

  1. Allowed Baggage

A detailed list of articles, food, animals and plants that cannot enter the country, or need a permit, is available on the Australian Department of Agriculture website. This is made this way to protect the balance of its exotic flora and fauna. In the case of food, it’s better that you don’t carry anything. If you take it, be sure to notify it in the form that attendants deliver to you on the plane.

  1. Exit flight

Unless you go with a potential job or have a 1-year visa, it’s important that when you arrive, you have the return flight. You may never be asked if you have it, but if it does happen it’s good that you have it at hand. This is the best way to make sure to immigration that you’re going for a certain time, just to know the country.

  1. Money

In this country, the official currency is the Australian dollar (AUD). In recent years, the AUD has been maintained at a rate of 1 EUR to 1.5 AUD. To make sure your budget compares the currency of your country against the euro. Also, we recommend that you change little money at the airport and then calmly visit the exchange houses in the city where you stay. Fees and commissions can make the exchange rate fluctuate from one place to another.

  1. Prices

The best thing for you to know the country is to spend at least 3 weeks in Australia. Spending the money for all this time at hotels and restaurants would be expensive.

  1. Distances

It is a continent. The distances from one point to another can be very long. Avoid traveling within the country during rush hour. Make an itinerary if you want to visit several sites of interest. Be sure the routes and access vehicles are available. Weekends arrange the railroad, so there are routes that are not available. Include in your budget a reserve for improper transportation costs.

  1. Power

Electricity in Australia is 230 V and 50 Hz. Before traveling, make sure you have the right plug adapters for your mobile phone, hair dryer and any other electrical device you think you need. This will save you an unexpected expense and save you a lot of time.

  1. Shops and Meals

Every place has its customs. Australians usually eat lunch between 12 and 2 o’clock. They also have dinner early (about 7 pm). Local shops close between 4 and 5 pm. If you go to restaurants and pubs, be aware that their service is slow, don’t expect to be too hungry to sit and order the food. If you decide that you will cook on your own, buying the food in the “Convenience Stores” will be cheaper than choosing the products in the big international chains.

  1. Tobacco

With regard to smoking, in Australia smoking is prohibited in restaurants, bars (even if they have a terrace) and even 4 meters from the access door to any place. If you smoke, you can get tobacco in many shops behind a curtain, each box will be three times more expensive than in Europe but be sure to consume it within the law.

To conclude

Remember to look for serviced apartments in Melbourne CBD to save a lot on accommodation and start enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Australia. You only have to buy the tickets to know the mysteries of this amazing continent. Have a very happy trip!

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