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3 Reasons Why Alcohol Leads to Weight Gain


A lot of people understand that calorie dense foods can lead to weight gain. That is why low carb, gluten free, paleo and every other kind of diet has gained quick popularity. Although there is a general understanding about food, many people underestimate the effect that liquids can have on your waistline. This is especially true when it comes to alcohol.

Many of the drinks that people enjoy are calorie-ridden. They are packed with sugar and heavy carbohydrates that are not diet friendly. However, in addition to the calories, alcohol can have a huge effect on your body in ways you have probably never considered! So, what makes alcohol a leading culprit of weight gain?

1) Alcohol Heightens Feelings of Hunger

One of the main reasons that alcohol leads to weight gain is because it increases your appetite. Research has found that people who consume alcohol eat significantly more than those who do not. To make matters worse, those who consume alcohol are more likely to choose foods that are fatty and salty.

The reason why alcohol contributes to feelings of hunger is due to its effect on hunger regulating hormones. Leptin is one of the main hunger regulators in our body. It will decrease feelings of hunger when necessary. However, studies have found that alcohol can decrease leptin levels as much as 50%. Without our natural regulator in full force, we are more likely to think we are hungry when we are not.

2) Alcohol Triggers Impulsive Actions

It is not uncommon to wake up after drinking and find out you were acting pretty silly. The reason this happens is because our judgment is impaired and alcohol influences impulsivity. Impulsive eating behaviors are especially common. This is why many of us will grab a few too many snacks or feel the urge to binge eat while drinking alcohol.

3) Alcohol Alters the Way Fat is Distributed Throughout the Body

The physiological processes that happen in your body will lead to weight gain as well. The liver has a natural liking for ethanol, which is an alcohol derivative. So much so that it will turn almost all of it into energy. Since your body is using the alcohol as its energy source, it won’t bother utilizing its usual sources, fats and carbohydrates. This “unused energy” will cause you to carry additional weight on your body since fat is not being burned as it should be.

How Do You Counteract the Effects of Alcohol?

To counteract the effects of alcohol, it is important to limit your consumption. If you find yourself the victim of overindulgence, don’t fret! One of the ways you can refresh your body after a night out is by taking garcinia cambogia, recommended by Dr Oz.

Garcinia cambogia is recommended for weight loss because of its numerous benefits. It contains HCA which is well known for controlling fat production. This may counteract some of the damaging effects of alcohol. In addition, garcinia cambogia can also increase your metabolism, suppress cravings and even boost your energy levels. After a night on the town, this supplement will be helpful in combating the nasty hangover effects of the day after.


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