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4 Main Causes of Back Pain you Ought to Know


Lower back pain has adversely affected the lives of millions of working people who experience this condition at least once in their lifetime; around 75% of people around the world are facing lower back pain and discomfort. The pain can be due to several reasons, which may include strained back muscles, pressure on the nerve roots, joint changes, and much more. Here we’ll discuss some major reasons that cause severe lower back pain.

Lifting Heavy Loads

Lifting Heavy Loads

Lifting heavy objects may sometimes damage the muscles or ligaments in the back, which results in lower back pain. The strain in the back can be further classified into two categories muscle strain, joint sprain. A muscle strain usually happens when a muscle is over-stretched, which results in muscular damage, causing severe lower back pain. Moreover, joint sprain happens when the ligaments surrounding the joint get affected causing inflammation around the joint. These problems generally take 4-6 weeks to resolve, however, treatment for both the conditions is almost since both causes inflammation to the area which triggers the pain. The best treatment for lower back pain is to consult a health professional to get an accurate diagnosis and keep the area moving to promote healing.



Sitting is one of the most common sources of lower back pain since it causes a buildup of tension to occur in back. Considering most people are sitting for large periods of the day it’s no wonder so many people experience lower back pain at some stage. Sitting causes a tilting in your pelvis which eventually causes more pressure to go through what’s known as the facet joint. Your facet joint isn’t designed to take the stress of sitting and therefore ends up giving you pain. Addressing the ergonomics in your work place, by adjusting your chair and table height and correctly setting up your computer can allow you to reduce the stress that builds up in your lower back.

Incorrect Posture

Incorrect Posture

Correct posture plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy spine and distributes proper weight throughout the body. Poor posture can put added stress on your back and cause an uneven weight distribution to occur leading to added stress in specific areas of your spine. An example of this is when your head goes forward. This doesn’t only affect your neck but leads to more pressure through your lower back. The same can be said for tilting through your shoulders or pelvis. Since this causes compression on one side of your body more than the other it can also lead to pain.

Poor posture also leads to a number of muscular imbalances causing some muscles to become tight and contracted leaving other muscles to become weak. Addressing these imbalances can help improve your posture and reducing your chances of lower back pain.

Stomach Sleeping Position


If you sleep on your stomach you should try and change that as quickly as possible. Stomach sleepers are generally known to have the most lower back pain due to the extra stress put on the back in this position. Regular sleeping on stomach causes an increase of the curve in your lower back leading to strain and a compression of joints in the lower back that further as the position of the spine is disturbed and causes excess stress, which leads to pain. Over time this position can lead to whats known as an anterior pelvic tilt causing tightness in your hip flexors and hamstrings while leading to weakening in your abdominals and glutes.


By avoiding these 4 common problems that lead to lower back pain you’ll be comfortable in the fact knowing you can reduce and even stop your lower back pain coming on with just a few alterations. If you are every experiencing pain and need lower back pain treatment you should always consult a health Practitioner for professional advice.

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