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5 DIY Tips For Kitchen Remodeling


Have you just moved into a new home or have you been there for several years and are now ware that it’s time to remodel your kitchen. It is possible to do the majority of the work yourself with these simple tips.

Of course, your first step will need to be a decision as to whether you wish to replace everything in your kitchen or just replenish key items such as cupboard doors and worktops. In general the level of your budget will dictate your answer to this.

It doesn’t matter which approach you take, the services of a reputable residential joinery firm will be invaluable to the process:

Plan First

Kitchen Remodeling

You need to know the space you have available and what style cupboards, drawers and other units really suit your needs. This is important even if you are just adjusting what you already have. If you are changing cupboard doors and worktop you can just as easily switch cupboards around.

You need to measure the room accurately and then position your cupboards according to your needs. You should always specify which way the doors open.

To keep it simple it is best to stick to the space you have as opposed to extending your room.


yellow-kitchen-cabinet                       (Image credits)

If you are purchasing new cabinets then you can order them at any time and store them until you need them. However they will not last as long as custom built units.

If you are removing all the old units it is worth obtaining a quote from your joinery firm; you may be surprised at how reasonably priced their work is.

The Floor

kitchen floor                          (Image Credits)

In general it is considered best to replace the entire floor; even that which will be hidden by the units. This will allow you more flexibility in the future and should ensure that the floor is fat; ready for your units.

There are many different types of floor to choose from which can easily be installed by yourself.


kitchen-lighting             (Image credits)

Lighting should be taken into consideration along with the electrics in your kitchen. If you are adjusting the layout you may need to add more sockets or move existing ones. The same is true of the current lighting.

The cheapest option is to stick with what you have. But, if your budget allows you should look at moving these to optimize the light and socket availability in your room.

You will need to check your local regulations before undertaking any electrical work; it is likely that a professional contractor will be required to complete the electrical alterations.



The worktop you choose can finish or ruin a kitchen. In general choose dark for light cupboards and light for dark ones.

It is also worth verifying what your local joinery firm will do. They may make the worktops from scratch or be available to join them professionally for you.

By taking a few simple precautions and the right steps you will be able to achieve a complete kitchen remodeling project on a budget; using a professional joinery service will help to ensure you get the perfect finish.


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