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5 Essential Face Makeup Tips and Tricks for Beginners In 2018

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The most favourite part of the day a women encounters is the time when she applies makeup. It’s the basic component of every woman’s routine. The beginners make use of watching the tutorials and small video clips to do the experiment with different colours and have fun. But it’s not that easy to be a pro in the second to third attempt. One of the major issue beginners need to understand is the light or the room in which they do there makeup. While doing the makeup in your bathroom may give you the good look but when you see yourself in anywhere else, in office, in car, in other room etc., your makeup shades looks different. The reason for this is the difference of light in different places and the mirror in front of which you do your makeup.

But now, the issue has been solved. The beginner needs to buy the lighted makeup mirrors for having the best result. The best lighted makeup mirror ensures your all day look and gives you the confidence to stay strong and happy all day.

Furthermore, the beginner may look below at the 5 tips and tricks to do the essential makeup on daily basis:

  1.     Work on making a skin care routine to keep your skin clean. Always start doing makeup by keeping your skin clean. You can use cleanser – toner – day cream – sunscreen – in the day time. And at night you can follow this sequence, cleanser – toner – spot treatment – serum – eye cream – night cream or face oil. If you are busy enough that is becomes difficult for you to follow the sequence make use of the water and moisturizer. Always use primer and moisturizer before applying the heavy makeup.
  2.     Make it a practice of doing the eye makeup first. After applying the primer and moisturizer, start with your eyes. After doing your eyes you can apply the concealer and foundation further. It is easy to carry out with this tip. Many beginners don’t know the sequence of applying the makeup products. Another advantage of this is that if you mess up with your eye shadows, liner or anything on your eyes, you can remove it without thinking about rest of your make up face.
  3.     For applying the mascara smoothly, put the mascara in the warm water in a glass before starting doing the makeup. The mascara becomes less clumpy when you apply it on due the warmth. This tip really helps the beginners who need to know the small details of applying the makeup to look perfect.  
  4.     Before starting doing the eye makeup, you should put a primer on your eyes. The primer can make your eyeshadow to stick well. The primer also gives your eyes a pigmented appearance. It’s a turning trick while applying the makeup. The use primer is even best for those who have oily skin. Otherwise, the shadows and liner would easily leave their place and your makeup look will help you anymore in making out the rest of day. Always apply primer to have s stayed liner and shadows which maintains your look eventually for whole day.
  5.     Make use of the right collection of brushes to apply the eye shadows and for contour as well. The beginners don’t get the idea of using the brushes to their full potential for perfect blending. You can also make use of the tape for having a wing liner. The tape will help you with the sharp and pointy winged eyeliner.
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