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5 Helpful Cleaning Tips for Lazy People


Cleaning our home for is a simple task, but not when laziness strikes. There are days that we are not in the mood to clean and do our house chores. But, even though we are too lazy to move, we are still worried and uncomfortable of the mess in our surrounding. The truth is, if you are a clean person, you cannot sleep well if your house is dirty.

Imagine a day feeling lazy and you just want to lie down and watch TV whole day, but your house is still comfortable and tidy. You can maintain this if you know how to keep your place clean every day. There are simple tips you can follow to do it easily and do it regularly. In this way, even when laziness strikes, you will still have peace of mind while doing nothing.

These are the 5 cleaning tips you can follow;

  1. Use linings in your plates and baking dish

If you love cooking, it is expected that you will have a lot of dishes to wash. So when you cook, use plastic and foil lines in your bowl, plate and baking pans. If you do this, you will not bother washing and scrubbing the grease and stains off the plate. Just peel off the lining and it’s clean again. You can just wipe it with a tissue or wash with water once.

  1. Wear fluffy socks in your home

Every day, dust is the regular visitor in our house. Dusting and sweeping the floor is a chore that must be performed daily. If you have an open house, then dusting three times is a must. But when your house is closed and air conditioning, you can do it once.

Here is a tip that I have tried myself. I love to wear socks at home. Not for the purpose of cleaning the floor but to keep my feet clean and soft. Doing this every time, I have discovered that, the sock I wore serves as a magnet for clouds of dust and hair. Walking around the house with my socks on keeps my floor clean and smooth.

  1. Always keep a plastic bag on your kitchen counter when you cook

Cooking is fun. But cleaning the mess after cooking is a dreadful chore. To make it easy, always keep a plastic bag whiles the kitchen. While you do the slicing, you can easily toss it in the plastic bag. Including the food scraps. In this way, your kitchen counter is still clean, and it will be easier just wipe it with a dry cloth. This tip will lessen the hassle and the chore. If you don’t have a bag where you can easily toss your garbage, everything will be on the kitchen counter. The stain from the vegetables, fruits, and meat will stay on the surface. Because of that, you will need to scrub it and wash it after cooking.

  1. Tidy your bed before getting out of it

No matter how clean the whole bedroom is, but your bed is crumpled and not done, it will still look untidy. So before getting out of your bed, start tidying while you are still sitting.  Do this by pulling the comforter or sheet up to your waist and slide out of the side of the bed when getting up. When the bed is made, you will see that the room is cleaner than before. You can teach this technique to your kids and other family members.

  1. Use vacuum for cleaning carpeted area

If the stairs are used daily, it is advisable to clean it daily. You can use a brush for bigger dirt or debris. But to make sure that it is dust free, use the right vacuum cleaners for carpets. It will be much better if you have the cordless vacuum.  If you clean your carpeted stairs too seldom, the tendency is, more stain and dust will accumulate to it. And you will have a hard time washing and be scrubbing the dirt off. It will consume too much of your time and trust me; it is a very difficult task.

You can also use a top commercial vacuum cleaner. They are best for the performance to tough areas. Comparing to the performance their price range is average to other types of vacuum cleaners.


Keeping your household clean is a task that everyone woman should know. It depends on how you do it and how is your attitude about the task. You can make it as for fun, or better if you do it as a daily exercise. The tips I have given above are tips to make the task easier for you. You can do it daily and save yourself from future hassle and waste of your precious time. And also, doing this every time you do you house work, will save you from distress; for example, when a visitor visits you unexpectedly. Even when you become lazy in cleaning, at least your house is still tidy when a guest comes to visit.

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