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5 HVAC Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Your HVAC system doesn’t impact your home’s value the same way your kitchen, bathroom, or roof does. It’s still a major component of a home, though, and potential buyers don’t want to inherit an HVAC system with lots of problems. If you’re wondering what to do with your HVAC system before you sell your home, the age of your system and its maintenance history will help you decide what upgrades or improvements you need.

Large Upgrades

Upgrading the HVAC system when it doesn’t need to be upgraded won’t increase the value of your home. But an old HVAC system that rattles and wheezes will decrease a home’s value very easily. Potential buyers want to see newer equipment that runs as it should, because an informed home buyer will know that an old HVAC system will cost them in repairs a few years down the road. If you’ve got window units, upgrade to central air stat.

Talk to an HVAC technician and explain you’re selling your house. Find out if replacing parts in your HVAC system or installing a new one is the more cost-effective option.

Environmentally-Friendly Options

Target a niche buyer with geothermal or multi-zone HVAC systems. These systems are more expensive than your typical HVAC equipment, but they offer a much better ROI than traditional systems. They’re cutting edge, so home buyers looking for better efficiency and innovative technology will respond to these systems. If you invest $5,000 in a geothermal or multi-zone system, you won’t be able to increase your home’s price by $5,000, but the efficient system will put you a head above the market competition in your neighborhood.

Home Insulation

You might not think of insulating the attic or the basement as an HVAC issue, but it’s one of the major ways your home loses heated and cooled air. Savvy buyers will look for attic and crawl space insulation, and your realtor will let them know about the energy savings an insulated attic provides. The job is also easy to DIY and doesn’t cost you much. Even calling in a professional for this simple job is convenient.

HVAC Maintenance

Keep your HVAC system maintained if you ever intend to sell your home, whether that’s happening tomorrow or five years from now. You’ll have to replace a well-maintained HVAC system less frequently and it’ll be in good repair when buyers come to see your house.

A Smart Thermostat

A Smart Thermostat

Image via Flickr by brendan-c

Don’t spend too much on one of these thermostats, but investing a couple hundred dollars on a Nest model or something similar is a great way to impress people touring your home. Smart thermostats have Wi-Fi connectivity, apps, and energy-saving initiatives that go far beyond regular programmable models. Home buyers want to see modern, updated equipment, and a smart thermostat is a shining example.

Selling your home is about showing the buyers your house at its best. Make sure the HVAC system contributes to your home’s best, and doesn’t detract from what otherwise is a lovely place.

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