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5 Ways to Keep Your Startup Organised


Being organised helps all of us, whether in our personal or work lives. In fact, being organised has many benefits, as it can help us to relax, prioritise tasks and be more productive. These abilities are particularly important if you own a startup business, where knowing the ins and outs and being organised are essential.

Being disorganised at work can lead to the loss of documents, excess time spent filtering through unorganised paperwork, or even missing the last courier posting dates before Christmas. Furthermore, a disorganised startup does not instil confidence in new clients or investors, and could lead to failure.

To help your startup thrive, here are five ways to keep your startup organised.

Organise Your Files

While more and more businesses are choosing to use online cloud storage for their documents, most of us still need to store some paperwork. However, if you have a bad filing system or documents sat in piles waiting to be sorted, this can result in a lot of lost time.

Take a few hours to organise and scan and upload documents online, or implement a proper filing system. Allotting a few hours to sorting paperwork may seem like a waste of time, but it could actually save hundreds of hours every year.

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Sort Out Emails

Many startups and businesses rely on email on a daily basis, but if your inbox has become swamped, it may be impossible to find the messages you need. To solve this, create an archive where you can store older emails, as well as sub categories for different topics or clients. It may also be a good idea to have a folder where you can place important emails, such as urgent tasks or current projects.

Keep Up-to-Date Accounts

Whether you work from an office or operate your startup from home, if you are unorganised then completing your tax return could become an overwhelming and very difficult job. To reduce the stress and make the process easier, you could consider using an app or accounting software, and regularly input incomings and outgoings. Alternatively, you may benefit from outsourcing your bookkeeping to a qualified accountant.

Hold Regular Meetings

If your startup employs staff, then holding regular meetings could boost productivity. Meetings ensure that staff know what is happening in the business and allows you to inform staff of any new developments. It also makes it easier to delegate, make sure the team is focussing on priority tasks, and make sure that everyone is prepared for the work.

Social Media Management

Nowadays, most of our business is conducted online, whether via website, email or social media. As one of the best marketing tools a startup can utilise, a strong social media presence is vital. However, when trying to post, interact with followers and provide quick responses across several platforms, it can become very time consuming. A social media management tool can help you to become more organised, as well as allowing you to schedule posts and track your levels of engagement.

Being organised is essential for any business, but particularly for a startup. Follow these five tips to make your day less stressful and make your business day run smoother.

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