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6 Cool Fads of 2015


Fads come and fads go, but it’s sure fun to stay on trend. If you want to know what was cool in 2015, check out our list of the top six fads from this year. Some will be out before you can say “Happy New Year!”, and some might have the staying power to stick around for years to come. Peruse our list and judge for yourself.

  1. The Vape Crowd

vape-pen Image Courtesy:

You’ve likely seen vape shops popping up everywhere, and the vaper community is steadily growing. Vape pens or e-cigarettes are alternatives for traditional tobacco cigarettes, and they’re making a big splash. Why? Well, these devices don’t use tobacco, so they don’t contain those thousands of nasty chemicals, they can be refilled, and they smell better—best of all they produce vapor, not smoke, so no one around you will be coughing when you blow out. This is one fad that’s definitely here to stay, considering longtime smokers are making the switch to these ingenious devices every day.

  1. The Man Bun

man-bun-hairstyle Image courtesy:

You’ve no doubt encountered the man bun on the head of one or more of your trendy friends. If not, just head to a hipster neighborhood and you’ll see this style being worn left and right on guys of all ages. It’s almost gone too far, with companies offering fake man buns that a short haired guy can clip right onto his scalp—no lies, this is a real product and it can be yours today for a pretty reasonable price. Talk about the perfect gag gift for this upcoming Christmas. While some fellas can really rock this look (see Jared Leto) we’re hoping it becomes less visible on guys who just can’t pull it off.

  1. The Side-Shaved Head


Fellas have their fad hairstyle trends, and so do the ladies. Seen on artists like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Ellie Goulding for the past several years, the side-shaved head trend didn’t really experience its heyday in the mainstream until this year. Ladies across the nation took a razor to their hair, for a cool but somewhat confusing look. This hairstyle doesn’t seem to have staying power and it’s already being phased out if our celeb inspirations are any indication.

  1. Tiny Houses

tiny-house Image Courtesy: Mashable

Tiny houses are all the rage, and honestly, we just don’t get it. The average tiny house measures less than 200 square feet of living space, and that is not a whole lot of room for one person, let alone a family. This is one fad we hope is going to fizzle out, but with the amount of television shows proclaiming its popularity, we’re not so sure. Beyond the miniscule living places, tiny houses come with their fair share of problems. You’ll need land on which to place your tiny house, and you might need to put wheels on it to live in an RV park. If you decide to build on land, you will have to figure out plumbing and electricity, along with a host of other problems. Consider trying out a small home before going the full Monty with a tiny house.

  1. Selfie Sticks


In the age of being self-obsessed, selfie sticks definitely made their mark this year. You’ve no doubt seen these devices everywhere, or maybe you have your own. While they are quite amusing to see people using, this fad does seem to be one that will stay considering our society’s proclivity to take selfies. They have been banned from places like Walt Disney World, but people continue to buy these popular devices, and the photos scattered across social media are evidence enough in itself to speak to the staying power of selfie sticks.

  1. Kombucha


Haven’t heard of kombucha yet? You soon will, because this was a definite fad of 2015. This probiotic fermented tea is purported to have multiple health benefits, including digestive help, mental clarity and yeast regulation. While many say these benefits haven’t been confirmed, that hasn’t stopped the hordes of people who enjoy its vinegary, bubbly taste. Many restaurants even offer it on tap now, so check out your local restaurants and see if you can sip away while chowing down. If the health benefits are true, then we definitely hope kombucha’s popularity isn’t a passing fad.

Some of these items and habits are here today, gone tomorrow, but others have the staying power to become a staple in the lives of many. Is one of your favorite items on this list? Please comment below!

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