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6 Easy Tips for Buying the Best Down Comforter: The Art of Cuddling in Style


A cozy down comforter gives the best restful night. It is intended to be cushy and protective of the beddings to ensure dust and mites cannot have any place in your bed. This is particularly true for persons with allergies. A good down comforter can make the difference between waking up with a sneeze and smelling the coffee.

A house is not a custom home without a down comforter. It can inspire your unique style when improving the rest of the house.  Since they come in neutral colors, you won’t have to worry about spicing up the bedroom walls with some vibrant colors. Unfortunately, the market does not make it any easier on you when buying a down comforter. Here we cover the top considerations to make before buying a down comforter.

Choose a Size


The good thing with down comforters is that they are designed to fit all bed sizes and designs. They are not limited to the mattress size so you can splurge a little. When considering the size, it’s important to remember how high the bed is so that if it’s a massive size, you won’t contend with a bulky comforter. The rule of thumb is to go with one size high that of your mattress

The Ideal Warmth Level


The fill power determines the warmth level. If the comforter is heavy, it means the fill power is around 700; hence it’s warmer than one with a fill power of 500. The lightest comforters have the least warmth levels. If you live in cold environments, you’ll want to consider higher fill power than persons living in warm areas.

But here’s the catch. How do you choose an all year-round down comforter? You’ll be presented with an extensive list of the different warmth levels from level one to six. The only way to know is to identify your sleep habits and match it up with the down comforter in that warmth level.

The Fabric Style


Down comforters are available in different fabrics ranging from sateen, batiste, cambric, and damask. Here, you should go with your preference. Sateen is soft and feels good against the skin, while Batiste is durable. Others like cambric offer a great value for the money. Regarding your budget, you should be able to end up with an exceptional down comforter.

Choose the Thread Count


Because down comforters have a construction from goose down, it’s only right you consider how it will feel against your body. The thread count can start as low as 200. This means the down may sometimes seep through. The best down comforters are in the range of 400 and above. These are well-stitched, very soft, with a construction from high-quality down. If you are going to use a duvet cover, you may not mind the thread number, but it’s good not to downsize yourself either.

Go for Baffles

As you’ll notice with many down comforters, they have small boxes stitched together. This is a measure to keep the down from shifting from one side to the other. Choosing baffles means the clusters can be maintained evenly in a gentle and effortless manner. Down comforters without the box pattern may allow down to settle and gather on the sides and corners.

Know your Budget

Down comforters are meant to be naturally insulating. This convenience comes at a price. Unlike synthetic fills that are considerably inexpensive, you should expect to dig deeper when making the down comforter investment. However, you can wait for the best deals in the off-season like in January.


You should always remember to take care of your down comforter. With questions ranging on whether to cover or not to cover, a good duvet cover does the trick just fine.



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