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6 Easy Tips to Upgrade Your PG or Hostel Accommodation


Shifting to a new place, usually brings a big smile on your face, but the same also invites unknown trouble like the process of finding an ideal living place like PG, Hostel or flat at an affordable budget. In the metropolitan cities, specifically the industrial, educational and commercial locality, it will be a challenging job for you to occupy the most preferred and quite nearest accommodation. Otherwise, you have to adjust your mind for the place that you might not like to live in. But if you are creative enough to upgrade the boring accommodation to a heaven, then for sure, you will enjoy being a king or princess of that place.

The certain things that can help you modify your room in a Hostel or PG, are as follows:

  1. Minor Modification: Though you are a renter or hosteler for a particular period of time, so you are not liable to make major changes in a PG or Hostel Room. What you can do is minor modifications like change in lighting colors and bulbs, interior design, and placement of things. In Hostel, girls love to decorate their room with the creative stuff like stars, paintings, wall hangings, and dream catchers while boys prefer to add sneaky things like WWE posters, dragon faces, bikes wallpapers, etc. For this, there is no need to ring bell of your landlord’s door every time or getting permission from the warden. You can do this by your own. These kind of changes can do a complete makeover of your room and will make it superbly livable and more exquisite arena.


  1. Upgrading Cooking Area: The creative thoughts and ideas always find their way even in a messy place. These kind of smart modification schemes and methodologies are equally applicable in an old designed cooking area or kitchen where doors, cabinets can be painted with vibrant colors, stains can be covered with wall paints, old knobs can be replaced with the new ones and curtains can be used for the door and windows. To maximize the kitchen area, adhesive hooks and racks, are the one of the best options and these offer a perfect space to hold cups, spoons and forks. For interior decoration, various types of kitchen wallpapers and shelf covers are available at affordable prices in nearby market. Using these, will adorn the cooking place and reduce the cleaning stress.

cooking area

Generally, cooking area in PG accommodation is common for all, so you can take hold of the cupboard or refrigerator section to store food, milk and vegetables. A little notice board or slips on the cupboard and refrigerator to note the things you have stored or you have to buy will be a good idea to keep an eye on your budget.

Study Room

  1. Study Room Decoration: Study room acquires more attention in Girls and Boys PG accommodation. This place does not need much stuff all around. The study table should have the most necessary things like books, laptop, lamp, and pen holder. If you are having a book rank or shelves to place study material, then it will not create any mess in your study room. Plus, you can completely focus on study without getting involved in the search process. For the reminding stuff like mathematical equations, scientific formulas, periodic table, day schedule, and exam date sheet, you can utilize the front wall space to post charts and diagrams.
  1. Modifying Washroom Area: Generally, Bathhouse in PG rentals acquires less space and modeled as per the landlord’s requirement. Also, they have a risk of contamination, bacterial growth and improper sanitization. To avoid the case of getting an infection or disease, it is advisable to change certain things like towel racks, shower heads, faucets, taps, and toilet paper holder. A complete cleaning process must be followed before using the washroom.


For storage purpose, you can install standing units in the washroom where essentials like soap, shower gel, shampoo, detergent and other things like towels, tissue and toilet papers can be placed. Wall corners in the bath house can be used for medical box or cabinet. Installing curtains in the shower area will add more elegance to this place. For pampering session or hot water bath, do not forget to add fragrant candles in the washroom.


  1. Modification in the Restroom: In Hostels as well as in PG’s, students are given a separate restroom which is common to all. This most messy area needs a creative theme and some amazing stuff for the modification that can be either wall paintings or posters. It is the real fact that creativity exists in every mind and heart, so a competition can be organized for art and craft things like floral lights, collages, string lanterns, polka dots, clothesline picture holders, educational models etc. This will encourage the students for participation and getting involved for a good purpose.

Seating area can be modified by placing cushions, or pillows in a systematic way and these will efficiently fulfill the criteria of comfort and decoration. A little glimpse of creativeness to the other things of the rest room like cupboards, notice boards, book or magazine stands can make the entire place more graceful and magnificent.


  1. Go for the Hostel or PG with Good Reviews: Locating the best PG rental or Hostel accommodation is quite tough for the students and the newcomers. Instead of going door-to-door or taking recommendations from people, you should opt a smart solution of digital guide to occupy the best PG rental or Hostel accommodation in a new city. Opting this will let you know about the ratings and reviews of the rental places. With this evaluation, you can observe the difference between comfort zone, amenities, surrounding environment, rent, location, and student’s preference. Nowadays, landlords prefer to give a clear cut idea to the viewers, students and parents by uploading pictures of the room space, kitchen, washroom and rest area. With this, students can easily make their mind for the best selection of the rental place.


In a nutshell


Although most of the students are not familiar with the cleaning, adjusting, redesigning or transforming procedures but living in a Hostel or PG without getting homely feeling let them learn all these by their own. As far as the modification process of Hostel or PG accommodation is concerned, they do their best to add vibrant colors, fancy stuff, and decoration items in the room. If you are the one who has stepped forward for this cause, then these above mentioned methods will surely guide you. Be ready to make the boring place- your very own kingdom!!

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