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7 Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water


Did you know that approximately 60-70% of your body is made up of water? Water is essential for our survival. That is why doctors recommend drinking roughly 6-8 glasses of water every day. Water has surprising health benefits, such as improving kidney functioning, lowering cholesterol, enhancing stamina, and the list goes on. Hence, drinking water is one of the best things you can do to your body. However, what you probably don’t know is that hot water has some exclusive benefits that add up to the long list of reasons why water should be a staple in your diet. Here are some of the most common benefits of drinking hot water.

  • Helps In Detoxification

Water flushes out harmful toxins from the body and cleanses it from within. One of the best health benefits of drinking hot water is detoxification. Hot water activates the process of releasing toxins from the body. Adding lemon to hot water can help in better detoxification. The lemon and hot water combo effectively speeds the detox process as it stimulates the digestive system to get rid of all impure substances in the body.

  • Aids Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose a few extra kilos, drinking hot water can help you. Hot water is an excellent way to maintain a healthy metabolism. The best way to do this is by starting your day with a glass of hot water. It will help break down the body fat, known as adipose tissue, in your body. It not only suppresses the need to keep snacking constantly but also regulates stomach acids, prevents acidity and bloating, and helps in preventing obesity in those who have diabetes.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation

As mentioned earlier, hot water promotes detoxification, which in turn aids blood circulation. While it gets rid of harmful toxins and eliminates other accumulations in the nervous system, it also promotes blood flow. The relaxing property of warm water helps to soothe the muscles and hence eliminates poor circulation. Hot water not only gets rid of the fat deposits but also regulates the proper flow of blood. This, in turn, relaxes and soothes joint pains, cramps, and muscle spasms by calming the nerves.

  • Slows Aging

The presence of harmful toxins in the body can cause premature aging. This is because when the body accumulates toxins, it becomes prone to illness and aging. Hot water can help delay the early signs of aging. It does this by repairing the skin cells, thus leading to increased skin elasticity. Hence, visibly fewer signs of aging can be seen. Hot water also helps you deal with skin conditions such as breakouts or acne. So, it is evident that skin maintenance is one the benefits of drinking hot water.

  • Stimulates Digestion

Most people have a cup of coffee or tea early in the morning, but that does not do much to improve your health. It is best to have a cup of warm water every morning as it stimulates digestion. Ayurveda says that hot water can help the body digest better and eliminate waste. On the other hand, drinking cold water can be counterproductive as it is said to facilitate the accumulation of fat and hence makes the digestion process more difficult. So, it’s about time you switch that glass of cold water with hot water.

  • Relieves Constipation

Hot water aids digestion, and it is a known fact that good digestion, in turn, leads to proper bowel movements. Common stomach issues arise due to digestion problems and often due to lack of water in the body. Constipation leads to uncomfortable and irritating effects on the bowels, which are caused mainly due to dehydration. Hence, begin your day by drinking very warm water on an empty stomach. This will radically reduce the effects of constipation.

  • Relieves Throat And Nasal Congestion

Hot water is a sought-after natural remedy for cold and cough. It relieves throat pain caused by a cough and can be used to relieve a sore, itchy throat. It also dissolves the phlegm and helps your body expel it, thus easing your breathing.

When To Consume Hot Water?

To ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of drinking hot water, you should be aware of the appropriate time when it should be taken and the recommended amount. You should drink hot water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also drink it before and after a workout session to rehydrate the body.

The benefits of hot water can only be noticed if it is taken in the right amount. It is recommended that women should consume approximately 90 ounces of water daily, while men need to consume 125 ounces. Hot water is a must for those who experience extra sweating and heat. Even people suffering from illnesses, such as diarrhea or vomiting, should drink small amounts of warm water at regular intervals to soothe the discomfort as well as rehydrate the body.

Now that you know all these health benefits of consuming hot water, you should get right to it!

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