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7 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have


Power tools make woodworking a lot easier. If you are a real wood worker you will own some power tools. If you are still thinking of which ones to get for yourself, I will give you a few that I believe are quite useful and also fun to use.

1-    Power screw driver

Power screwdriver

From time to time you are going to have to drive a screw or unscrew it. A power screw driver makes this very easy and cuts down the time spent screwing and unscrewing. You will find that you get your work done a lot faster. You can choose to have a corded one or cordless.

2-    Power drill

Power drill

There is no way you can have such a list and not mention the power drill. There are many reasons you may need to make a hole in wood and the power drill makes it easier and more precise.  The power drill can also be used for sculpting and when you want to smoothen curved edges, the power drill can act as a sander.

3-    Sander


There are different types of sanders and depending on the type of wood working you do more often, you can choose the best sander for your purpose. Personally, I have a belt sander which I purchased online and it has served me well whenever I want to smoothen pieces of wood. Many other professionals may recommend the random orbital sander because it does not leave any marks which is good for beginners.

4-    Circular saw

Circular saw

Although some woodworkers may recommend the table saw, I would say, if you can only choose 1, then the circular saw would be the best option since it is not constrained to just one place, you can move it around and cut wood with precision easily. When using this tool, however, always be mindful about your fingers and the safety of those around you. Read the safety information that comes with the manual and follow it all to the later.

5-    Nail gun

Nail gun

It may seem more like a carpentry tool but even woodworkers have times when they may need to drive a nail into their project. If for example you are restoring a chair and you realize it has a leg loose, the nail gun saves your time since you do not have to start hammering away. In a few seconds, you can shoot a nail into the weak leg and continue with your work. However you should also be careful as you use this tool, there have been cases in hospital of people with a nail stuck in their skull.

6-    Router


There are a number of things you can use a router for. If you are doing decorative joinery, this should be the power tool of choice, it is also able to help you shape edges of wood as well as cut grooves. Once you have one, you will realize the different things you can do with it.

7-    Moisture meter

Moisture meter

It may not seem like much of a power tool but indeed it is especially considering how important it can be in determining how successful your project will be. It is important to know the moisture content and these digital meters can give you accurate readings for the best choice of wood.

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