It can happen with U too… !!

Hello World !! …

It all started just a few days back. In a fraction of a second, I asked – Lets start it then?, he said -yes, and here it

We never planned or discussed about it. But its the culmination of the convergence of interests between us and the boiling potential waiting for a venthole to burst and show a difference that made us to venture a joint effort.

We are two buddies from the same schooling, but far away from each other now and known to each other through gmail !!


Sethuram                                                                       Kalyan

It can happen with any one of you. Just be open and explore your ideas loud. One day, Your day will come.

It is not money or technical expertise that’s behind these pages, but a pure, sincere, honest (or whatever you may call it) and true self satisfaction !! Nothing else.

Hope U all will appreciate and encourage us.

We would like to put up everything that appeals to our minds and souls, something that can be useful, encouraging and inspirational, fun n movie stuffs, patriotic, academic, techincal and on and on………………… we dont want to confine this list. Our Passion will decide how far it will go.

If you have any quotations, facts, or any experiences in your life which you want to share, or if you have any suggestions/feedback, please send all those to

We would be all the more happy to publish your entrie/feedback in our subsequent posts.

We have made a great start and we wish to reach you all .

There is something here for everyone …….

Welcome all and a Happy Reading !!


Sethuram Kalyan