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Amazing Add-Ons to Your Home Media Centre



The world is experiencing a revolution in entertainment and television, and it’s probably the biggest change we’ve seen in a long time. We’re talking about Android TV, and it really is something you should be looking at. In fact, if you’re thinking of buying a new smart TV to keep up with your friends, hold on to that thought: you could buy a Kodi box – an Android TV device – for a fraction of the price, and have even more access to fabulous content. So, what’s it all about, and what can Kodi do for you?

Well, to start with, once you have installed your Kodi box – all you need is the box itself and a broadband internet service – you will never be lost for something to watch or do. The Kodi box is just a small device, and won’t take up any space, and you’ll find it really does change the way you use your spare time. So, let’s talk about add-ons, which will give your Kodi box even more versatility.

Multi-Source Add-Ons

While your Kodi box will come with plenty of capability already installed, you want to install add-ons to get the best use out of it. There are many to choose from, and we like multi-source add-ons as they draw content from a variety of sources at the same time. This means you will never be short of something to view, or even games to play, and will be able to choose from a variety of options. The ones we like best are:

Exodus – this is the number one add-on for Kodi boxes, and is very popular indeed. It will bring you access to a wide variety of TV and film options – both old and new – and is very easy to install and use. You’ll find it adds a great deal of variety to your viewing time, and there is something here for all the family.

Velocity – an impressive TV and film add-on that uses many different sources for its content, and that offers some diverse and interesting options. This is one we recommend for anyone who likes the quirky and unusual content, as there is some very interesting stuff that you can stream on here.

Single Source Add-Ons

The availability of a variety of single source add-ons, which draw content from one particular provider, means you can add specialist channels to your Kodi box. These can cater for both adults and kids, so you need not worry about what the youngsters are watching! We like the following:

Jango – this is a quite brilliant music channel, allowing you to stream videos to your TV of your favourite tracks, or search for new artists and check them out. As with all Kodi add-ons it is easy to install and use, and you will find it a welcome diversion from the usual TV and movie channels.

Kids Movies – does what it says on the tin, you get access to a fantastic range of movies just for kids, so the younger members of the family can enjoy their free time with the Kodi box, too. This is an excellent family choice, and one we would strongly recommend.

Live Sports

For sports lovers, a Kodi box is a must, and Live Sports is the recommended add-on for all your live sport streaming. You can access real-time, live streaming of a wide variety of sports, including football, horse racing, motor sports, tennis and much more, from across the world, whenever you want. It’s a great add-on that you will find to be much used, and you never have to wait for the results to come in again.

These are just a few of the many excellent add-ons that you can load onto your Kodi box, and there are many more. It’s not just for television and films, however, as you can also use it for watching YouTube videos. Some Kodi boxes will come with the likes of YouTube pre-installed, but if not, it’s very easy to find and add to your library of add-ons. There’s even a link that will allow you to watch Netflix, so you can access your favourite new shows whenever you want to!

Games and More

If you are a keen gamer, your Kodi box opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can find a whole load of excellent games that you can stream onto your Kodi box, and there are suitable games for the children too. As long as you have a suitable broadband connection – it doesn’t need to be particularly high-speed – you can stream games and content easily and at any time of the day or night, so you will never find yourself short of some entertainment again.

Having read this, we’re pretty sure you want to buy a Kodi box, and access more content than you ever believed possible at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent smart TV. Go on, treat yourself, you’ll never look back once you’re hooked up to Kodi!


Author Bio

Simon is a keen gamer, film buff and TV fan, and has enriched his life by investing in a Kodi box. He recommends that you do the same!



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