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How Amber Necklaces Can Enhance Your Health & Well-Being


When we think of jewelry, we imagine diamonds, rubies, and shiny emeralds. These include beautiful necklaces with expensive brand names. You probably barely remember a time when amber necklaces were a popular accessory. However, amber has been worn by humans for thousands of years as jewelry, as well as used to heal a variety of medical conditions. Baltic amber has specific natural healing qualities that can help alleviate pain and provide other health benefits.

What is Amber?

Amber is tree resin that was fossilized millions of years ago. Most of the amber in the world comes from the Baltic region and contains high levels of succinic acid, which has analgesic properties. Therefore, authentic Baltic amber is known to have healing abilities. Unfortunately, there are many fake amber pieces being sold in the market. Therefore, finding out how to tell if your amber piece is fake is important. If you are planning to purchase some amber for yourself or as a present, it is important to enlighten yourself with a bunch of other fantastic health benefits of natural amber:

Health Benefits of Amber Necklaces

1.      Increased Thyroid Function

Amber consists of succinic acid, a chemical that helps to boost the body’s healing capabilities. The succinic acid can even help prevent a plethora of medical complications associated with thyroid issues. However, before buying an amber necklace, it is important that you select a necklace that you can wear directly on your bare skin. Wearing Baltic amber close to your skin allows for the release of the succinic acid, which is then absorbed by your body.

2.      Neck Pain Relief

Amber necklaces can help alleviate that constant, irritating pain in your neck as a result or stress of injury. A lot of people suffer from neck pain and complications because a variety of reasons, such as poor posture, constant stress, or fatigue. Wearing an amber necklace while you’re relaxing or working can help alleviate pain.

3.      Therapeutic Effect of Amber

The amber gemstone also contains energy that can help enhance your mood, and make you feel more positive. When you wear an amber necklace, you can absorb this energy directly into your being, which can have a plethora of positive health benefits. The necklace delivers that natural energy right into your carotid nerves. This helps to prevent migraines and balance your mental state. Additionally, wearing amber near your chest can have a warm and soothing effect.

4.      Provides Electric Energy

Amber has been known to release negative ions when it is worn as a necklace and scrubbed. Our brain sends millions of electrical signals via countless nerves in order to perform daily functions such as moving, standing, or sitting. Wearing an amber necklace helps enhance your bioelectrical function, which can help to eradicate symptoms of nerve damage.

5.      Babies and The Teething Process

Amber is a natural gem that can also be worn by babies, especially while they’re teething. There is no question that teething leads to discomfort and a bit of pain. Having your baby wear an amber necklace can help calm them, as the succinic acid will gradually be released and absorbed by their body. The acid will have an anti-inflammatory effect, which will help to reduce any swelling in your little one’s mouth.

6.      Amber for Reduced Mood Swings

This is important for your well being because negative emotions can carry adverse effects, which can end up ruining your healthy state of mind. Amber not only relieves you of pain but also stress and negativity. The positive energy of the amber gemstone has been sacred to a lot of spiritual gurus and meditation experts throughout the years. They acknowledge this stone as being a key ingredient to calm them so that they could connect with themselves and the earth, causing them to let go of any pain they have suffered and be rejuvenated.

Bottom Line

Amber, therefore, is an important natural gem that can help you with a lot of your daily problems. Keeping a piece of amber near you or wearing it as a necklace is a great way to remedy some of your physical and mental ailments naturally.

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