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Answers for questions on May 15, 2007

Which tigers are facing extinction in Russia?
A: The Siberian Tiger is facing extinction in Russia – this is also called as Amur

Who is the lady officer of World bank involved in scandal with Paul Wolfowitz?
A: Shaha Riza

In which marathon did Sunita Williams participate from the space?
A: Boston Marathon

What are MRO’s in aviation sector?
A: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Who is the president of ASSOCHAM?
A: Anik K Agarwal is the president and venugopal Dhoot is the chairman of ASSOCHAM

A new scheme for “destitute woman” to find husbands has been launched in which Indian state?
A: Jharkhand

What is the name of the new airport coming in the outskirts of Hyderabad?
A: GMR – Hyderabad International Airport Limited – a joint venture of GMR and Govt of Andhra Pradesh

Who is the head of Belarus who visited India?
A: Alexander Lukashenko

Who is the first Russian PM to visit Pakistan in 40 years?
A: Micheal Fradkov

Which is the latest jet fighter being sold by China to Pakistan?
A: F-17 with russian made engines

What is pod casting?
A: The process of syndicating or broadcasting digital media files over the internet to portable devices and computers

What is the NMITLI program of the CSIR?
A: New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative – largest public -private partnership in r and d in india – the scheme is coordinated by the technology networking and business development division of CSIR under RA Mashelkar – DG of CSIR and secretary, DSIR, Ministry of science and technology

Who is the head of CSIR?
A: RA Mashelkar is the director general of CSIR

What is Jetlite?
A: Air Sahara renamed as Jet Lite after Jet acquired it!

Who are the Los Angeles times journalists who won the Pulitzer award?

Who received the 20007 Malcolm Adisheshiah award?

Who is the chairman of the national commission for minority educational institutions (NCMEI)?
A: MSA Siddiqui

Which company launched the TENEA?

What is a limbo for Christians?
A: the edge or boundary of the hell – the doctrine of Limbo!

Who founded the city of Rome?
A: Romulus and Remus – twins founded this city in 750 BC

Which company launched the fastest inkjet printer?

Which civil servants received the award for excellence in public administration?

Which is the largest automobile maker in India and the world?
A: General Motors

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