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Benefits of a Well-Stocked Cleaning Trolley


A clean and tidy office is good for business, regarding visiting clients and the work ethic of your staff. When you work in a completely clean office your productivity increases, especially when it comes to your own desk, a messy desk considerably slows down your work.

With a clean and sanitary environment, it drastically reduces the chance of illness and therefore saves the business money. In 2015/16, 30.4 million working days were lost due to self-reported illness or injury with the average person suffering took about 16 days off work. It’s vital, as a business, to reduce any risk towards the health of your employees.

System Hygiene consider the top cleaning trolley supplies you’ll need to keep a busy office safe and clean. Whether you’re a cleaning company being hired to clean offices or you’re stocking up on supplies yourself.

Every company, whether you’re a cleaning company or have you own cleaning equipment in your office should have the basics. Even stocking some supplies just in case an emergency happens such as vomiting that require special cleaning products.

Ø  Broom & Dustpan

Ø  Sponge Mop

Ø  Plastic Buckets

Ø  Rubber Gloves

Ø  Detergents

Ø  Bleachers

Ø  Refuse sacks

Ø  Disinfectants

A trolley filled with the basic products and special occasion products allows you to be prepared for a multitude of situations.

Effective Cleaning

Cleaning becomes that much more effective when you have everything you need in one location and it’s mobile. When you’re going through your cleaning duties at the end of the day/week then rolling out the trolley doesn’t take much effort. Rather than having all the products stacked inside a closet that need carrying out individually. It saves time and when it comes to your business, time is money.

Promotes High Maneuverability

When it comes to a lot of businesses the office that they work in can be quite large, often spanning several offices with many departments in-between. Without a trolley with the vital cleaning products to wheel in-between offices then it’ll take quite a long time to effectively clean.

If you’re a cleaning company then it’s vital you have a few trolleys fully stocked to effectively clean in the allotted time. You’ll most likely have a few locations to complete in one night too and doing a full, effective clean is what brings you in new customers.


Eco-friendly is extremely important in today’s world, with everybody doing their part to take the strain off the environment. A lot of cleaning companies and businesses these days ensure to purchase eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure that even when cleaning we’re doing our utmost to combat global warming.

Protection from Injuries

Health and Safety remains extremely important even when cleaning and a cleaning trolley provides a way for cleaners and office employees to move large amounts of items with minimal effort.

Workplace injuries can occur quite easily when picking up heavy boxes and if you’ve stocked a closet full of cleaning supplies and need to use them every week, you’re drastically increasing the chance of a back or neck injury.

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