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You Can Go for Dental Restoration and Smile Again


Dental care starts from childhood. Do you recall your mum reminding you to brush your teeth before going to bed? Was your dad keen on ensuring that you kept all dental appointments? If so, today you can smile and show off those shiny white teeth. If on the other hand, you did not pay attention, you are guilty of neglecting your teeth. Other ways you might have acted irresponsibly include:

  • Failure to brush your teeth regularly
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet

On the contrary, an accident might have left you with broken teeth. Perhaps you lost a molar here and an incisor there. Since then, you have never been confident when you are around people. You hardly speak unless someone speaks to you. Take heart; you can restore your dignity through correctional procedures.

The process involves, among other things:

  • Whitening of teeth
  • Straightening
  • Restructuring
  • Covering damaged teeth

Your dentist will assess the damage. After that, they embark on preparation for measures to remedy the situation. Perhaps the doctor will carry out an x-ray to get a first-hand view. Other times, an observation gives insight into what happened and what gets done.

Feel no shame

Some people feel ashamed of going for help. There is no shame in wanting to smile at people again. Apart from good looks, well-shaped teeth help you chew food properly. Also, you can pronounce words correctly unlike in the past when gaps between teeth made you sound clumsy.

Regain your self-esteem

Cosmetic dentistry brings backlost dignity. Porcelain veneers, caps, bridges and crowns are all examples of teeth repair solutions. The good thing is that, unlike other dental treatment options, you do not need many hospital visits. Usually, one or two visits to your doctor are all it takes, and you get to smile again.

Some cases are complicated and might require more serious measures. If you have experienced pain as a result of an infection, the dentist may refer you to a specialist first. After that, cosmetic care comes in.

Paying for treatment

To finance the cost of treatment, consult your insurance service provider and find out if they cover such procedures. Most medical insurance firms would not undertake cosmetic treatment unless you were involved in an accident. All the same, there is no harm in asking your agent. At times, they will meet a portion of the cost and leave you to pay the rest.

Speak to your doctor before you give consent for them to proceed with restorative treatment. Find out, among others:

  • What they intend to do
  • Whether there will be side-effects such as sensitivity and pain
  • The cost of all procedures required

Photos of patients whom the doctor has attended to can help boost your confidence; ask the doctor to show you several before and after images.

An appointment with a dentist way before a restoration procedure commences will remove fear and feelings of anxiety. Ask your doctor questions. The more you understand what ails you, the better since you can face the challenge head-on.


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