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Can You Use Turmeric in Your Dog’s Food? Here’s What You Should Know!


Turmeric is supposed to be a home remedy. It is the main ingredient in Ayurveda medicines used in cases for healing the antiseptic injury. Historians state that turmeric is native to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Whatever is the history of turmeric, what is important is that it is an excellent healing agent.

Turmeric as antioxidant

Many researchers believe that turmeric being antioxidant helps in curing cancers. Turmeric relieves arthritis pain, gastrointestinal disorders, improves liver function and proves to be an excellent support for heart problems as it lowers LDL and thins the blood and sees that it does not clot blood. Some of the other proven results depict that turmeric helps in weight management, relieving allergies, a cure for diarrhea. It treats depression by elevating the distracting mood.  Turmeric is known to be rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. There is no doubt that this cures so many illnesses. These have been medically proved in case of a human body.

Turmeric and dogs

The most common query anyone in this world has is “can turmeric be used in a dogs diet?” Request you all not to laugh at the question many people have. Dogs being the common pet, every household prefers them. Just bringing a dog and taming it as a pet is not enough. It is the prime responsibility of the house owner to take a proper care of the pet.  Like human beings, even dogs get attracted to illness very quickly, and that is the time your presence of mind will be appreciated. The treatment mentioned above can be applied to a dog also. How far it responds to the treatment is a million dollar question.

Proper care for your pet

Unlike human beings, dogs cannot express their pain.  We have to understand the situation and take a proper care of the pet.  It is very common for dogs to get infected by bacteria, toxins, trauma, and heat. Extreme climatic conditions like heat or cold will have a drastic effect on pets like dogs. Stay calm and take the dog to a good veterinary doctor and get the dog treated. There are many websites which give information regarding taking care of a pet. There are numerous effects of turmeric for dogs, but it is challenging to ensure that your pet eats the same.

A dog’s diet is limited. So how anyone can feed turmeric in its food?  The smell of turmeric drives anyone mad. Dogs typically do not eat everything you give them. So treating a dog becomes a little bit tough. You can give a person a small of milk with little turmeric and sugar in it, and the person will have it.  There is no guarantee that the dog will have it.  So in such cases, experts in this field have to be consulted for advice.

You can follow our upcoming blogs to know more on this topic. Turmeric, if added to food on a regular basis, can do miracles and there is no exception when it comes to your beloved pet dog.

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