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What can a vehicle tracking system do for me?

Vehicle Tracking

If you own a business with any type of fleet, you may be wondering what is vehicle tracking and how can it help my business? The actual implication of vehicle tracking is a business today is impressive. In a nutshell, it allows you to see where your vehicles are at all times. It also allows you to know the routes that have been taken by the drivers. The employee that is using the system will have a GPS tracking device which benefits them as well as you.

What is it?

Vehicle tracking involves placing a GPS device inside your vehicle/vehicles. This device then gathers information about the location of a vehicle and sends that to a central location. You can then monitor the information to know the exact location of a vehicle at any given time and you also have access to all routes in real time.

Here are some reasons why vehicle tracking can help you and your business.

Vehicle Tracking - gps

Lower insurance costs

Insurance is obviously a big cost for all business owners, especially those insuring vehicles and even more so for large fleets. Many insurance companies will offer a discount if you have a vehicle tracking system installed. In some cases, the discount provided may even cover the cost incurred of installing the GPS tracking system.

Improves employee safety

If you want to run a responsible business, you have to value the safety of your employees. Tracking can do this because it allows you to locate them when they lose communication. In a case of an emergency, your employees will be able to get help in good time and also, knowing that their driving is being tracked may even encourage them to drive safer.

Helps you to keep an eye on vehicles and employees

When you track all of your vehicles you are able to have the location of that employee at all times. You are also able to see how long a vehicle stays in a certain location. Therefore, if an employee takes the vehicle to an unexpected location or stays in a location for longer than usual then you will know right away. You will also get notified if the driver takes a route that wasn’t planned so it keeps employees on track and sticking to work errands only.

Assists with stolen vehicles

Having a vehicle stolen can be very expensive to your business. This is because you don’t just loose the vehicle; you also loose the inventory it was transporting. You may lose the trust of your customers in addition as they were expecting particular goods and this can therefore, lose you their business. However, if the vehicle can be tracked then you are able to act quickly and communicate with the relevant authorities to recover the vehicle.

Lower fuel consumptions

If your vehicles use a lot of fuel daily, then it is very beneficial to have a vehicle tracking system installed. You will be able to significantly reduce the amount of fuel consumed by each vehicle. The tracking system will help encourage the employee drive more responsibly and not go to places that are not on the work route and finally, drive at the correct speeds. All of these things together dramatically reduce fuel consumption and will save your business money.

Improve vehicle maintenance

GPS Tracking devices can be connected to analytics to keep precise records of vehicle usage. This makes it easier to follow maintenance guides and gives you the power to verify if a vehicle has been taken to a service station or not. Improved maintenance extends the life of a vehicle and helps to prevent delays that may be caused when a vehicle breaks down.

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