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How to Use Machines to Pack Your Food


  If you want your food to stay fresh longer, you have to pack it the right way. You can make use of machines made specifically to vacuum-pack food. Vacuum packing removes air around the food, thereby, reducing the level of oxygen surrounding it. This lack of oxygen slows down the oxygen-dependent microorganisms in the…

The Science of Losing and Finding the TV Remote Control


A science, huh? Really! Is that what you’re thinking? I thought so too until the day I couldn’t find the remote control for my TV. Here I was, all sorted with popcorn, soda, beer, and my favorite bowl of chips, all set to watch the game. And, try as I might, I couldn’t find the…

8 Easy DIY Steps to Make a Cabinet


If you are thinking about making your own cabinet these 8 easy to follow tips are going to help you have a great experience. Since you will be operating power tools it would be wise to wear proper eye protection at all times or run the risk of injuring yourself. Pick the Building Material for…

Benefits of a Well-Stocked Cleaning Trolley


A clean and tidy office is good for business, regarding visiting clients and the work ethic of your staff. When you work in a completely clean office your productivity increases, especially when it comes to your own desk, a messy desk considerably slows down your work. With a clean and sanitary environment, it drastically reduces…