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What you need to know about Buying Activewear


Regular physical activity and fitness routines are important steps towards feeling and looking good. Long-term results require you to be consistent and as active as possible. Activewear consists of different types of clothing items that range from general pieces to specially engineered accessories that are based on performance. Pants and Bottoms Whether you enjoy going…

Groovy Styles for the Season


Fashion is not just about hitting the town on a glamorous evening. It is also about your everyday wear and how it reflects your identity and the things you love. This season you can chill out in style with some of the trendiest outfits popular among fashion-conscious individuals, redefining casual everyday wear for the ladies….

No Poo Method Of Washing Hair: Everything You Need To Know


There are many good reasons to avoid using normal shampoo if you’ve naturally wavy or curly hair. Washing hair without a hair shampoo can give your hair back its natural body and fullness and even a wavy texture which was being shampooed out. Many shampoo products contain unpleasant drying sulfates which are quite harmful to…

Velvet In Vogue- A Tale Of A Gorgeous Fabric


Popular trend of the earlier time, velvet has made a great comeback in the fashion world these days. With the great vibe and shine, this fabric is now at the peak of the present fashion cycle. Initially chosen as a winter fabric, velvet is highly well known for the versatility offered. But soon it became…