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Water-man and God-forsaken Hope

Every once in a while I meet people who inspire the soul, I see something that gives true happiness, In this instance, I met two ‘watermen’. In some god-forsaken village called champajhar in one of the blocks Banspal of Keonjhar district of Odisha, two guys have trekked through hills, through forests, through fire and streams,…

Ergonomics of and for the government

Ergonomics , the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, is something that’s almost NEVER applied to government functionaries. The efficiency of people working in any organisation, public or private, is highly dependent on their work environment, physical, psychological and social. I have experienced it and I believe in it. One can argue that…

A Walkthrough Singapore: Administrative Perspective

Singapore, a city and a country, with as much heterogeneity as it can possibly fit in, with as many skyscrapers as it can relentlessly build, interestingly but not surprisingly (given the ‘developed’ and par first world country status) could give enough pointers to be examined from the lens of a country with at least a…

Some ramblings on the PRI and Block level system

Some ramblings on the PRI system

For the last few days, I am putting up this question to whomever I talk to: ” Whether the Panchayati Raj and other third tier institutions provide the best setup for development”. Almost all of us would come up with an answer that, Yes it is the best setup as long as the implementation is…

Roads, families and the lucky ones

Roads, family and the lucky ones

There was a target of around 50 houses to be allotted under one of the state housing schemes in my block, and it is the discretion of the BDO to select the beneficiaries/families, of course adhering to the criteria provided under the scheme. The only problem is that the possible eligible families would be at…

Old NCERT Textbooks for Download

Old NCERT Textbooks

Hello everyone, Many a times, aspirants preparing for Civils ask for Old NCERT textbooks. I was always under the impression (and even now) that they should be available online, somewhere, either on the NCERT website itself (some of its archived sections must have them), or on some civil services prep portal that would have uploaded….

Preparing for the Civil Services Examination

————————————————————————————————————— Hello everyone, Its been again a long time that I had any post written here. Well, I have one now, an important one and something which is very close to my heart. It is like seeing another dream of mine coming true, on which I patiently worked upon for at least more than a…