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Everything You Need to Know about Hate Crimes


Hate crimes are defined as any criminal acts perpetrated against a person or an organization based exclusively, or largely on one of their characteristics, like race or ethnicity. The law which protects the sensitive groups from persecution is fairly strict in order to discourage these kinds of acts. However, this strictness does come with a…

Quick Guides on How to Deal With Car Accidents Abroad

Many people decide to take their car overseas or rent one to be able to explore the whole place. Other travelers choose to have a road trip kind of vacation where they tour different sites of a particular country. Choosing to drive while abroad has become much easier and cheaper for other people, however, it…

Highlights of Union Budget 2017-18


Following are the highlights of Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s 2017 Budget speech. On demonetisation Demonetisation is expected to have a transient impact on economy. We will have a great impact on the economy and lives of our people . The effects of Dem. are not expected to spill over next year. Demonetisation a bold…

All you need to know about Google Tax

Google tax in India

You might have already heard about the new tax in town called the ‘Google Tax’. It is also mentioned as ‘Amazon Tax’ or the ‘Facebook Tax’ – in the UK and Spain. I don’t know much about this tax but I found some interesting update about the tax published in For our readers, we…