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Most Popular International Lottery Games


Ever wish to try your luck with lottery hoping to crack a jackpot? Did you ever wonder what options you have to participate in a game of chance? Well, there are a plethora of lottery games, each with varying statistics, prizes and probability to hit a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….

How to be a great author and never look back?


An author’s life is not something that people might want to live because even though it sounds like a brilliant journey, it has a lot of stress. An Author’s Life Scribbled pages that sometimes make no sense, a minimum of ten coffee cups on a wooden table, a typewriter or a laptop, a diary and…

Positive Thinking- Tips for Overcoming Negativity with a Positive Attitude


Maintaining a positive attitude is a key aspect of coping effectively with daily life. It gives you an optimistic outlook that enables you to avoid negative thinking and habits. Adopting positive thinking as your way life will lead to worthwhile changes in your life, increase happiness and pave the path to success. Manifestation of Positive…