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How Digital Revolution is a New Breathe for Oil and Gas Industry?

Digital, whatever the sector of activity, becomes a crucial necessity for the technological and economic development of companies. The Oil and Gas sector is no exclusion. For many decades, oil and gas companies have been equipped with increasingly powerful digital analysis tools and a multitude of sensors to regulate and optimize their production. Hence, advances…

Why 5G won’t replace Fixed Broadband


There has been a lot of talk in some parts of the world about the possibility of 5G data services replacing the need for home fixed broadband speeds. Nowhere is this more true than in Australia where the subject has become a hot debate recently. There, Andy Penn, CEO of Telstra, Australia’s largest phone companyhas…

5 Ways an Internet Marketing Campaign can Bump-up your Brand Awareness

The global internet marketing is enormously influenced by search engine optimization, social media, and mobile marketing. Is it worth preferring the conventional email marketing? Well, email campaigning is perhaps the most profitable mode of creating brand awareness to attract potential customers. One can drive better revenues for the investment and eventually offers better opportunities for…

How Virtual Phone Integration with CRM Can boost your business


The development of technology has made work in every sector very easy. There is a technology to handle everything. One such technique that manages customer relations of any company is the phone integration with CRM. Customer Relation Management software is a tool that lets organizations manage all their customer data, save it and organize it….

Is WordPress the Ultimate Platform for Promoting Digital Signage Templates?

wordpress for Promoting Digital Signage Templates

Digital signage is taking the marketing arena by storm. The last few years have witnessed the rapid rise of digital signage usage in medical facilities, banking sectors and major business premises. Considering the rising trends, the digital signage market can only get bigger. Ideally, it is estimated that the industry will be worth $24 billion…