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Tips on Making a Long-Distance Relationship Work


So, you’re in a long-distance relationship and you’re looking for ideas on keeping this relationship alive. Maintaining a long-distance relationship is never easy (but then again, is a normal distance relationship easy?). Your friends and family may discourage you. Things grow complicated and you may feel sad or lonely. Here are some tips on dealing…

Learn How Klaimy helps you to save money while shopping online


Who doesn’t love saving money while spending? In offline world, you have an option of bargaining. How about online? How can you bargain with online websites? Well, there come coupons. Coupons provide instant discounts without the need of bargaining. Nowadays, many companies provide coupons at various levels of purchase cycle like if you are signing…

5 Things Only Your Roommate Would Understand and Still Won’t Judge You


Roommates can be termed as an extension of our siblings. In fact in many ways they are even more than just that. After all, you cannot talk about everything with your siblings as they are family! With a roommate, there is no such problem. If you are lucky enough, your roommate may turn into your…