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How to Choose an Essential Oil Diffuser


When using essential oils most people prefer to use an essential oil diffuser. What exactly is an essential oil diffuser you may be wondering? Well, an essential oil diffuser is a small device that diffuses or spreads the essential oil fragrance into your room or home for the time you choose. It is a safe method to use if used properly.

Essential oil diffusers help humidify the air you breathe and help reduce the dust in the air which will help people with asthma, respiratory problems and allergies. Essential oil diffusers help purify the air you breathe which will also help many people. It will also help people who suffer depression and anxiety as the scents are proven to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Depending on the aroma that you choose you are able to help boost your mood and make your overall life better. With the air purified and humidified you are now able to sleep better as well. The best thing about essential oil diffusers is that it helps keep sicknesses away such as the cold or flu that may be going to schools, work, or the general public. Now, what type of diffuser should you get based on personal preferences?

There are many different types of essential oil diffusers depending on what kind of scent and fragrance you want. If you prefer a stronger scent you may want to go with a nebulizing essential oil diffuser. If you want a nice pleasant fragrance that is evenly distributed and the product is very durable you would probably want an ultrasonic diffuser. There are so many diffusers to choose from because it is personal preference. If you are educated about them you are more likely to chose which is best for you.

Ultrasonic Diffusers are among the most common essential oil diffusers bought. These diffusers are durable and rarely break. They are compared to the boiling of water without using heat. This is how the essential oil is broken down and then delivered into a fine mist to give that smell that you love. With an ultrasonic diffuser, you are using less essential oils to create that powerful aroma or fragrance in your home. This type of diffuser helps with allergies, hay fever, and helps purify the air you breathe in. The mist that is projected helps humidify the air you breathe in as well making it great for all year round use. Compared to other diffusers many have chosen the Ultrasonic over the others because it seems to provide better calming and relaxation effects because of the way the oils are distributed. However, there are many other essential oil diffusers to choose from.

If you are one who prefers a strong scent in your home and loves your home smelling great then a nebulizing essential oil diffuser is the one for you. A nebulizing essential oil diffuser does not use much essential oil to deliver a strong scent that you will love. The benefits of a nebulizing essential oil diffuser are that there is no heat involved during the process of releasing your aroma. This diffuser is also known to be very quiet so it can be placed in a workspace or bedroom without even noticing it. This diffuser also delivers a great aroma that will spread over a wide surface area without any toxins. A nebulizing essential oil diffuser will also be very reliable and durable lasting for years. The nebulizing essential oil diffuser will also use very little electricity to run. If your home is already humidified it does not add any more moisture or humidity to the air. It simply delivers the great aroma of the essential oil.

These two essential oil diffusers are the go to diffusers for many people. When buying an essential oil diffuser you want to avoid diffusers that use heat. Such as steam diffusers, candle diffusers, or hot plate diffusers because when an essential oil is heated it disrupts its natural chemistry making the delivery of the aroma less effective. Plus you have the worry about heat and fire in your home. With ultrasonic essential oil diffusers and nebulizing essential oil diffusers, you are less likely to have to worry about any fires because there is no heat available to these two different diffusers.

When purchasing an essential oil diffuser you want to focus on how easy it is to clean. The easier it is to clean the better. If you essential oil diffuser is not cleaned properly it can become clogged and not deliver the wonderful aroma you desire. So it is important that you are aware of how simple and easy or if you are looking at one that is not so simple to clean that you know exactly how to clean it before purchasing so the aroma dispensed is not backed up junk but clear and filled with essential oils.

Next, do not worry about pricing. Look at style and efficiency. Whatever calls out to you and makes you happy is what you should get. Pricing for an essential oil diffuser does not matter. It simply is the make or brand that you are looking at that will make the difference of a $15 essential oil diffuser and a $60 essential oil diffuser. Pricing is all about if you want to pay more for a specific brand.

You want to look at the timer and make sure it will be able to release the right amount of essential oils that you want it to. This is just as important as having an easy access to clean your diffuser. You want the perfect amount of oils to be dispensed so you get the right mood and aroma.

When it comes to purchasing and deciding what essential oil diffuser to buy it really is personal preference. If you do not need humidity in the air then the nebulizing diffuser would be the right choice for you whereas if you like humidity and moisture in the air while your aroma is delivered then the ultrasonic diffuser is the right choice. However, one thing is certain is that price does not matter. You can get a $15 diffuser that will last longer and work better than a $60 diffuser. It is all up to you. Make sure your diffuser has easy access to be cleaned and a timer to set when the oils are sent out. One last tip, do not pick up an essential oil diffuser for your car as it picks up many toxins from your car and puts them in the air for you to breathe. Experts recommend putting the oils on your body for traveling instead of getting the car diffusers.

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