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How to Choose the Right Cast Iron Radiator

Cast Iron Radiator

Radiators have long been the best heating sources to warm up homes during the colder months of the year, as they provide a good usage, along with adding a style statement in your home decor. When you think of radiators, “cast iron” radiators immediately crosses your mind, which this is because they have been a common household fixture since the Victorian era and have quickly become a mainstay in the market.

Choosing The Right Cast Iron Radiator

These days, there are a wide variety of radiators made different materials like steel, aluminium, and more. With the emergence of new interior design trends, their inclusion within modern homes has increased dramatically. No longer are radiators solely used to generate heat within the home, but certain types can also bring a touch of elegance and grandeur to your home too. For example, a towel radiator would generally be functionally used solely for drying and heating towels, but they can also make a striking feature for a modern, space-saving bathrooms too. Ultimately, you should look to install a radiator that will improve your homes decor, as well as keeping it toasty and warm.

Of all radiators, however, cast iron radiators are considered to be the style that holds the greatest benefits for homeowners, since their pros overweigh the cons – making them an ideal addition to any home. Here we take a look at exactly why cast iron radiators have been a popular fixture for decades:

Energy Efficient

Cast iron radiators are considered to be one of the most energy efficient types that provides a long-lasting distribution of heat. Even when you switch off the radiator, it remains hot for a long time, providing heat in an even manner. Therefore, providing your home with a constant supply of warmth. Moreover, with this heat retention capabilities, cast iron radiators generally heat up the homes more efficiently than the likes of steel radiators.

Money Saving

Cast iron radiators are considered to be more efficient than steel radiators, due to their greater density and weight. This means that cast iron radiators don’t lose heat as easily as steel, which enables them to retain heat for a longer period. A cast iron radiator will take longer to heat up or reach a particular temperature, but once it gets heated up, it gently radiates an ambient heat over a longer period of time. As such, even if you switch the boiler off, you’ll still benefit from the same feeling of warmth in your home. On the other hand, other radiators will need to be switched on continuously if you’d like to achieve a constant supply of heat. It is for these reasons that cast iron radiators save you energy and money, while providing you with a more efficient form of heating.

The Boiler Becomes More Efficient

Due to the heat retention capabilities of cast iron radiators, the boiler will also become more efficient as part of the central heating system since the temperature of the water returning to the boiler will be higher than that of modern steel radiators. This means that in order it will take less energy to reheat the water when the central heating system is switched back on again, and the flow of heated water is released. In turn, as this process is repeated, the central heating system will become far more efficient in distributing heat throughout the home.

Other Benefits Of The Cast Iron Radiators

  • Cast iron radiators are generally easier to clean and less dusty, when compared to modern steel radiators that circulate air in a conventional method and accrues dust.
  • Cast iron radiators radiate the heat gently, which causes less disturbances in the air.
  • There are many different shapes, sizes and styles of cast iron radiators, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for with that same timeless appeal.


In short, cast iron radiators make an excellent addition to any home, delivering a timeless and classic look. When coupled with it’s energy efficiency and long-lasting heat distribution capabilities, then there really is no other choice!

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