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How to clean Deep Fryers – DIY

DIY How to clean Deep Fryers


Knowing how to clean your deep fryer is not enough; one should also know when to clean it. The frequency and method of cleaning depends on whether it is used for domestic purposes or for commercial purpose, and how often is it used.

The thumb rule is, if it is used frequently, it should be cleaned once in every few days, periodically. However, if it is used only once in while it should be cleaned after every use. The reason being, if the build-up grim is allowed to be there on the fryer’s surface for a long time, it becomes much harder to remove.

Getting started

Getting started

Start with unplugging your deep fryer and letting it cool down completely. This step is very important from the safety angel to avoid burns or accidents. Once the fryer is cooled down, drain the oil from it and either store it in an appropriate container or dispose it off safely. It is advised not to dispose it in the sink as it may block the drain.

Cleaning the frying basket

Cleaning the frying basket

The method of cleaning fryer basket and the pot will be different. Take the fryer basket out of the deep fryer and place it in the sink. Sprinkle or spray a few drops of dishwashing liquid on it and let it be there for a while. Continue cleaning the other devise components as stated below. Also on the other note, Deep fryers use a lot of oil to cook food, whereas air fryers are capable of cooking with a single tablespoon of oil.

Cleaning the pot

Cleaning the pot

While the frying basket sits on the sink, simultaneously the process of cleaning the pot needs to be carried out. Firstly, remove the pot from the devise and try to scrape off any residue from inside the pot, if any, using a spatula or any other object, but make sure you don’t damage the surface while doing so. Take a damp paper towel or a sponge and spray some dishwashing liquid on it and gently rub it in a circular motion. Once the entire surface is covered, repeat the process without using dishwashing soap in order to remove the oil and clean the surface. Make sure the damp paper towel is not dripping wet.

Cleaning the fryer lid

The fryer lid generally has the filter, clean or replace it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. And clean it in the same manner as that of cleaning the pot, as stated above.

Cleaning the heating element

Most deep fryer’s heating element is composed of a pair of metal rods. Check if it is removable which can make the cleaning more convenient. If they are covered in oily residue, wipe it with paper. Be careful of not damaging it.

Removing the oil residue from the fryer pot

Fill the fryer pot with hot water as much as you would use oil. Avoid moving your fryer near the tap; instead use a kettle or another container to transfer the hot water. Let it sit for 30 minutes, whilst you can clean the other objects.

Final step in cleaning the frying basket

Final step in cleaning the frying basket

The frying basket which has been sitting on the sink for a while now needs to be cleaned. Let it remain on the sink and pour hot water on it. This and the previously sprinkled dishwasher will help in removing the residual oil from the basket. Using an old toothbrush, rub the entire basket to get rid of stubborn oil residue. Once the basket in cleaned, drain the basket with some clean water and let it dry.

Final step in cleaning the frying pot

Return to the fryer pot after 30 minutes and pour out the water into the sink. If the drained water was oily and the pot continues to have hardened oil residue, mix a little amount of baking soda with warm water to create a thick paste and scrub it over the pot surface using a sponge in a circular motion, until it is remove. Repeat the process of pouring hot water in the pot and draining it after 30 minutes.

If after the second rinsing the water continues to be greasy or have a grease film, rinse again with diluted vinegar i.e. one part of vinegar per ten parts of water. Avoid using abrasive or chemical substance to clean fryers at all costs as its trace residue can easily enter our body through food and create health problems for us.

Final Touch

Reassemble all the components and wipe clean the exterior of the deep fryer. Let dry the devise completely using a paper napkin before using it again.


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