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Common Marketing Mistakes Most Startups Usually Make

Common Marketing Mistakes Most Startups Usually Make

Thousands of companies with hundreds of sales messages and dozens of marketing plans are trying to establish themselves in today’s competitive market. Every startup, no matter what kind of business is it, faces some marketing challenges like, low budget, restricted recourses and pressing need to build brand visibility.

However, the curiosity to beat the competitors results in marketing mistakes that cost your business thousands of dollars and brings disappointing results. In this article, we will discuss all those mistakes that almost every business makes in its infancy.

Let’s start with the definition of marketing

Marketing to business is like food to the body. It is an activity, set of unique plans and processes of creating and delivering offerings that are valuable to the society, customers, clients, and partners.

A thoughtful marketing plan helps set up and grows your new business successfully; just make sure you avoid these common marketing mistakes.

# Thinking Advertising and Marketing Same

Most of the business owners keep spending on advertising thinking both as the same disciplines. Wake up! Both are different; marketing is an umbrella term for advertising a subset or campaign of overall marketing strategy.

Marketing is an overall process of spreading awareness of a brand, service, or products. Whereas, advertising is a method of persuading people to purchase a product usually through television, radio, print media, etc.



# Investing in Big Campaigns Quickly

Undoubtedly, big powerful campaigns can take your business by storm; but if you invest in big marketing too early, it can ruin your venture and aspirations too. Big campaigns have lots of parameters to work on like understanding your target audience and learning the right tools.

So, take some time to test your market before spending money on hyper-targeted marketing strategies to get the most out of them.

# Not Focusing on Customers’ Needs

Marketing should revolve all around your customer’s needs. After all, you are making all efforts with the sole purpose of attracting and interesting your existing and new customers, rights?

Unfortunately, very few businesses put enough focus on what their customers expect from them. The secret to avoiding this error is to take time, do research, and find the needs of your customers that you can fill better than your competitors.

# Don’t have any Marketing Plans

Making a well-planned and well-analyzed strategy is the key factor in every business. The Marketing plans and strategies act as the fertilizer to amplify the growth of your business. It acts as a direct point to find the leads for the potential clients.

Your projected analysis acts as the map to your business success, and this signifies how important marketing is for any business, small or large.

One should plan regarding the trending marketing like email campaigning. These tricks can eventually augment your brand awareness. For example, you need to learn how you can send video messages  to engage customers through email campaigning.



# Lack Research and Testing

For determining the performance of every marketing effort, proper marketing research and timely testing must be done by every business. This takes the proper analysis of what potential customers or clients want.

Always keep in mind to make sure that you have done your due diligence when it comes to analyzing the packages, offers, and prices that your offer to your customers.

# Failing to Capture Repeat Customers

Always remember that in most of the cases, the 80% of business comes from existing customers and the rest 20% comes from new customers. Gaining new customers always cost five times the expense than to sell an existing customer.

Failing to sell your products to your existing customers will surely going to put a determinable effect on your profit ratio.

# Forgetting That Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If you blow your whole marketing budget on a Super Bowl ad, then what you will do next? A well-planned marketing plan involves building a consistent goodwill in the market with the passage of time through ongoing exposure.

# Lack of Diversification

Doing marketing on internet, television, or in print is going to reach only potential customers. For making sure that wide range of people gets familiar with your products and services, just plan to market via a cross-section of media.


Marketing acts as the foundation and pillar of every business. So for maintaining your balance and marketing make sure to avoid all these mistakes in future.





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