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How to Cook Healthy and Tasty Food?



Foods which help in fighting fat

Losing weight as well as keeping those pounds off is not a quick and easy process. But, just a couple of diet tricks may be a huge help along with the way. Having lot of protein, healthy carbs and fibre that help in boosting your metabolism and help in keeping you full throughout the day.

In case you are not sure about the calorie burning ingredients in the daily menu, you should start with the recipes. These all include at least one weight loss super food, and the best of them can be made in less than 30 minutes.

  1. Spiced green tea smoothie


Green tea is considered to be one of the best fat burning foods owing to its metabolism boosting compound that is EGCG. In a study, having 4 cups green tea in a day helped people in shedding more than 6 pounds in 8 weeks.

This rich and healthy smoothie is wonderful for releasing stress. Just sip on some green tea. Flavoured with lemon, cayenne spices, agave nectar, etc. it contains all nutritional benefits of the green tea and would fill you for booting.

  1. Chocolate dipped banana bites

Chocolate dipped banana bites

Dessert doesn’t need to erase a rich and healthy meal. The banana in this very easy dessert, you just need a knife as well as a microwave are rich source of the resistant starch, a kind of healthy carbohydrates which help in burning calories and eating less.

As an additional advantage, the semi-sweet chocolate contains very healthy fats for enhancing your metabolism.

  1. Almond and banana butter toast

Almond and banana butter toast

This very simple and taste morning meal has not less than 3 of best foods for eating for the breakfast. The whole grain rye bread and bananas have rich content of starch, for helping boost metabolism. On the other hand, almond butter helps in adding hunger curbing protein and extremely monounsaturated fat.

One slice is rich in 280 calories but it will surely keep you full till lunch time.

  1. Honey grapefruit and banana

Honey grapefruit and banana

Trying to stay slim or trim down? You may go wrong with the tangy and tropical fruits salad, which is best for breakfast or a colourful side dish for lunch. Grapefruit is considered to be one of the most perfect foods for aiding weight loss. Studies have shown that it does not have insulin which is a fat storing hormone.

This fruit is deceptively filling. It has the highest water concentration of the fruit approximately 90% of the weight is water. All that juice fills the stomach and also prevents over eating.

  1. Grilled chicken cutlets with summer succotash

Grilled chicken cutlets with summer succotash

You may burn up to 300 additional calories each day by just eating the right food. You will find a lot of recipes online for the same. These recipes help in burning fats and calories, helping you to slim down faster. The best part is that all these recipes are very easy to be made.

  1. Curried eggs salad sandwich

Curried eggs salad sandwich

Egg is best for dieters. They are very tasty, extremely low in calories which are approximately 80 calories per egg. It is also filled with protein which is very satisfying and helps in curbing cravings. In fact, it is a shame to have them only for breakfast.

The egg salad is a zesty twist which offers a very healthy way of working eggs for lunch. The low fats Greek yogurt may be used in place of mayonnaise. It helps in cutting down the calories and fats while curry powder offers a jolt of rich antioxidants.

  1. A rich and creamy Avocado toast

A rich and creamy Avocado toast

Avocado toast is the best and easiest thing to make in the world. It is very good for the health due to its plentiful Omega- 3. But, it tastes so well, that you will feel as if you are cheating on your diet when you will have one.

A very simple and easy avocado toast is toast avocado+ sea salt+red peppers. But, this is only the beginning. You may also top it with eggs, add some olive oil and even try the avocado+  feta+ pomegranate toast if you like a savoury and sweet mix. The options for making this toast are endless. So just experiment with the recipes and have fun.

  1. Nutritious oatmeal

  Nutritious oatmeal

Hot oatmeal breakfast on a cold winter morning is a necessity. It is also a very good way of staying full till lunch and a wonderful source of fibre. It helps in keeping the cholesterol level down. You may prepare it on the stove, in a slow cooker or in the microwave. During summers, you can also make the oats overnight in the refrigerator without lifting your finger. You will find a lot of oatmeal recipes on the internet.

  1. A filling green salad


In case you think that salad is meant for rabbits, you have not found the right recipe. Just use some fresh veggies. Canned foods need to be just an additional thing and not the main thing. Otherwise you will end up with a very sad and saggy salad. Just add some protein like eggs, meat, nuts, beans, etc. in case you want your salad to be a complete meal. Just make sure that you have a mix of rich and crunchy ingredients such as cucumber, cabbage, nuts, and the soft ones like cooked vegetables, tomatoes or beans.

Even though eating healthy is very important it is not always possible to cook healthy meals at home. Now times are changing. The food which is available outside is not unhealthy anymore. Even healthy meals are available outside and even online. You can order your meals online from There are a number of deals and discount coupons available on this website. There are a wide range of healthy recipes available online and with the help of Dealsshutter you would be able to save more and enjoy more.

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