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Dealing With Grass In Your Garden: Turn Grass Into Art

Beautiful Pattern Lawn Out of Grass

Do you know that you can convert grass into art? You can convert your garden into a beautiful art gallery. Break the stereotype of just trimming the grass. Move forward to incorporate art in the grass.

I will be discussing different ways in which you can convert your garden into a beautiful one.

1.    Grass Art with Dan and Heather

Grass Art with Dan and Heather

British artists Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd have manipulated the way grass grows. They printed detailed images on a living wall of grass. Grass develops according to the amount of light it receives.

Procedure of Making Grass Art

  • You have to take a large canvas.
  • Spread the water paste and germinated seeds on the canvas.
  • The room in which canvas is placed must be dark.
  • Arrange a negative photograph.
  • It is required to project the light to the canvas.
  • Follow this procedure for quite a few weeks.
  • The photosynthesis will take place, and the grass will grow on the canvas.
  • You can easily see the clear image from a distance.
  • Colors that are developed on canvas are vibrant green and yellow.
  • It depends on the amount of light shining on different parts of the negative.

From a decade Harvey and Ackroyd are manipulating the light sensitive chlorophyll. They create different shades of green color in the grass. The strongest light hitting the grass produces more chlorophyll and green color. Less light hitting the grass produces light green color. Where there is no light, the color is yellow.

These grass-art pieces can be watered regularly and kept in low light conditions. In this way, they will last for a longer period.

2. Beautiful Pattern Lawn Out of Grass

Beautiful Pattern Lawn Out of Grass

You can make a beautiful pattern lawn in your house out of this grass. You can carve out a figure out of these lifeless grasses. Let your lawn speak out. You require a second- floor building with a balcony. This is required to project the image on the lawn. You must have the patience to see the magic in your lawn.

Things Required

  • Black and white printout of the image to be carved on the grass.
  • A4 transparent sheet and A4 black card.
  • Long handle grass shear and cordless electric grass shears
  • Scaffolding tower 3.6 m high.
  • Earmuff, torch, scissors


  • Use photocopier machine and transfer selected image on the transparent sheet.
  • Cut the center of the black card and paste it to a frame.
  • In night project torch to the transparent sheet from balcony or scaffolding tower.
  • This will project the image to the lawn.
  • Place paddle-pop sticks at the outline of the image by using the laser pointer.
  • In the sunlight, cut wet grass between paddle-pop sticks using shears.
  • You must use electric shears.
  • Trim the edges to highlight the figure.
  • Wear ear muffs and blow unwanted leaves and other particles.

3. Lawn Art with Grassffiti Machines

Lawn Art with Grassffiti Machines

By using a Grassffiti machine, you can make different designs on the surface of your lawn. It is created by Yuta Sugiura. This machine works on a series of moving agitators. It flattens and lifts blades when dragged on a section of grass. Sugiura’s carpet printer is a machine that makes images on the green grass. By adopting this method, you can design the images in your lawn.

But before designing images, you must trim the long and new grass in your lawn. You can easily trim the grass by using a mow. You must be thinking when to cut new grass.

Factors to be taken into consideration are:


  • You can cut the new grass after four weeks of the germination of seeds.
  • Allow turf grass to gain some strength before cutting.
  • If you cut them early, then mower wheel will pull the grass sprouts from the ground.

Grass Height

  • Cut the grass that has the height of 3-4 inch.
  • Don’t water the grass before 48 hours of cutting.

Dallisgrass is difficult to control. It is a weed that often grows in your lawn.

How to Kill Dallisgrass?

How to Kill Dallisgrass

  • You have to maintain densely planted and healthy turf in your lawn. It can be done by proper mowing, watering, and fertilization.
  • Fill bare spots with seed to prevent Dallisgrass from growing.
  • You can also plant pre-emergent herbicide to kill Dallisgrass.
  • Pre-emergent prevents the increase in the population of this weed.
  • Pre-emergent must be watered to control the growth of Dallisgrass.

Imperative Reasons to Turn Garden Grass into Art Piece

Imperative Reasons to Turn Garden Grass into Art Piece

  • It makes your lawn look nice.
  • Designing patterns or images in your lawn will make your house prettier.
  • It will attract the attention of neighbors and your friends.
  • You can become world famous because of this creativity.
  • This is one of the eco-friendly ways to keep the house cool and beautiful.

I have turned the grass in my lawn into an attractive art piece. I hope you will also apply these methods. Make your friends and neighbor envy of yo

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