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What are Different Kind of Tactical Flashlights?


Tactical flashlights can be used for a number of outdoor purposes. It generally offers personal protection and is utilized by a number of relevant professionals. Before buying one, it is important to do some research since many of us are not quite sure about what we are looking in the first place.

Depending on our personal objectives, the requirements of gear may vary. For instance, small flashlights may not be of us if working in law enforcement, security or in dark environments. Larger flashlights would be difficult to carry on the other hand minimizing it portability levels.

Why to buy tactical flashlights?

Unlike typical flashlights, tactical flashlights are not a source of illumination but also a medium of personal protection. They are composed of strong materials making it indestructible. Heavy durability is the quality which stands out. Nevertheless, here is a criteria which all kinds of tactical flashlights meet:

  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Resistance to heavy stress and impact
  • High beam and range

Kinds of tactical flashlights

Choosing the best tactical flashlight in the market has now become a difficult task. There a number of options available. Each has a different set of characteristics making it distinct from each other. Here are some of them listed:

  1. Handheld tactical flashlight

These flashlights are used without guns for personal defense. They are small and light enough so it can be carried out easily from one place to another. It can also be used with handguns to maximize its accuracy where there is little light.

  1. Top-mounted flashlight

In order to enhance the focus of a rifle or a shotgun, top mounted flashlights are attached. This type is highly popular amongst hunters and shooters.

  1. Bottom-mounted tactical flashlight

These tactical flashlights are attached beneath a firearm. It clears the sight making it easier for the user to concentrate on its target.

  1. Laser sighting

As it sounds, a laser is used as a mechanism either in red or green to improve accuracy of the aim. The beam of laser maximizes the accuracy of the hunter or shooter. It is highly used where precision is priority.

  1. Colored filters or LED flashlights

These are ideal for night hunting of predators. Since LEDs are more effective, it preserves night vision in a perfect manner. It illuminates the maps during night hunts.

  1. Siren flashlights

Siren flashlights also utilizes sound along with light to improve the overall hunting or shooting experience. It produces loud noise to attain attention of a predator or an attacker. It can even be used as a warning sign to drive them off.

These were few of them. There are several accessories attached as well in these tactical flashlights to enhance its usability and functionality. One common feature that most of them comes with is a rechargeable battery. This allows the user to save money and is also highly convenient. Nevertheless, tactical flashlights make hunting, police or military work easier, more efficient and more effective.

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