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Effective Ways to Automate your Social Media


One cannot just ignore the importance of social media especially for promoting their business. It is perhaps one of the finest ways to reach potential customers, investors, and influencers.

You can’t close the eyes to the fact that social media marketing consumes a good amount of time, and thus: one needs to emphasize on automotive approach. Some strategies and tools can do wonders for you if you turn towards the better options of promoting your brand.

Here we’ll be discussing some proven ways of automation of your social media that help in saving your time and efforts with maximum output.

Utilize the power of Automation Tools and Plug-in

One of the efficient ways to augment your marketing is to consider automation tools that precisely lend a hand in automating your social media. Numerous tools like Hootsuite, Blog2Social, and Buffer are capable of delivering outstanding performance by scheduling your social media posts according to your requirements.

One can easily manage their social media accounts by installing any of these plug-ins on their WordPress website. You only need to choose the most reliable one according to your needs.


Synchronize your Website

Numerous people are usually unaware of the fact that they can utilize their WordPress posts by synching it with their social media accounts. One can easily ensure that their friends and family see their posts by sharing directly from their blog or website. You only need to install the respective tools. Moreover, these plug-ins also offer some dynamic functionalities like reposting tweets. These tools play a significant role in accelerating your brand awareness over the social media.

Several plug-ins for different social media are available free of cost. You can consider Facebook Auto Publish plug-in for automating your Facebook posts, and WP to Twitter for automating your tweets at definite intervals. Moreover, you can consider Blog2Social plug-in for sending all your posts at once.

For WordPress users, the process is simple and hardly takes any time. You only need to find a plug-in that lets you share your posts with a single click. Moreover, you can also place more than one social media buttons to ensure good reach. It is perhaps the ideal way to viral your post on different platforms without even spending huge bucks on promotions.

Make a proper use of your Tweets

You can use multiple tweets for promoting the same content over the social media. Since there’s no hard and fast rule, one can easily tweet as much time as possible to reach the maximum audience.

You can alter your posts depending on the content that you need to display. Make sure your tweet is posted within a decided interval to ensure that it doesn’t seem a spam.

Prefer Curating the Content

While you are marketing on social media, you need to keep in mind that you not only have to circulate your content but eventually have to share other’s content as well. Users prefer some great posts that can eventually hit a good amount of traffic on your website.

One can prefer the use of numerous tools that not only offer scheduled posts but at the same time provide adequate suggestions regarding trending posts and content that can drive a good amount of traffic. You can consider several newsfeeds for curating and sharing relevant content.


The tips mentioned above are effective in grabbing the attention of potential clients by utilizing the automation approach to reach the maximum audience.

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