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Ever Heard of a Snack Box? Here is all you need to know


We are what we eat. Few things affect our appearance and daily performance like the food which we consume. While this saying has been around for decades, it is only very recently that people have begun acting upon it in their daily lives. Majority of us are now focused on what we eat. As a result, companies have come up with methods of helping people eat better. One of the methods in use is the snack box subscription. This is a type of nutritional service where specific snacks are delivered to you in your office or at home to help with better nutrition. There are many snack boxes in the market today, for example, Urthbox. Here is more about the one snack box we liked.

What is Urthbox?

This is a snackbox subscription service which delivers tasty and healthy foods to you wherever you are. The Urthbox costs $12.99 per month. In addition to that, a variety of new types of snacks and foods are added every month to the Urthbox service. In this way, your culinary experience is kept fresh. Urthbox delivers fresh, natural, GMO-free food to subscribers. Moreover, they avail snack boxes that contain gluten-free food and vegan snacks too. So what is the structure of the Urthbox? Read on to discover the one snack box we liked.

Contents of the Urthbox

When you subscribe to this snackbox service, you get a total of 30 full-size products delivered to your doorstep every month. If you subscribe to office delivery, you get up to 100 different full-size products delivered to you. The company has different plans that you can subscribe to. Some of them are ideal for your home, others for the office and some others can be presented as gifts. Specifically, the Urthbox contains:

  1. Chips
  2. Dried meats
  3. Sweets & chocolates
  4. Crackers
  5. Dried fruit
  6. Vegetables
  7. Cookies
  8. Super foods
  9. Juices
  10. Cleansers
  11. Granola bars
  12. New age drinks
  13. Trail mixes
  14. Snack bars

Every month, they will include some bonus products such as skincare items, supplements, gourmet foods and personal hygiene items too.

Plans available for you

Upon signing up to receive the Urthbox, there are a number of plans that you can pick from. They are described below.

The Mini Box

This is the smallest box that they have. It is designed for the casual snacker and contains 6 snacks. This box costs $12.99 every month.

The Small Box

If you enjoy snacking a bit more, this is the box for you. It contains 12 different snacks and costs $19.99 monthly. This cost represents a 10% discount.

The Medium Box

This one is for those who enjoy snacking regularly. It contains 18 different snacks. The Medium Box costs $29.99 every month. This cost represents a 20% discount.

The Large Box

Those who truly love snacking would benefit most from this plan. It contains 25 different snacks and costs $39.99 every month. If you live in the USA, shipping is free. Canadian residents can expect to pay $6.95 for shipping while residents of other countries pay $14.95 in shipping costs.


The Urthbox allows people to snack responsibly. The items held within are always healthy and non-GMO. More details on how to sign up and pay for the boxes are available on their official website.

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