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Experience The Adventure Of Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is a modern, multi-cultural city that offers limitless number of adventure activities for avid adventure seekers.  It is arguably the best place on earth to go for various desert adventures and fun activities. Not going for a Dubai desert safari in a Dubai trip will make it incomplete.

The Best Time To Try Desert Safari

While Dubai is highly crowded by the travelers from around the globe all around the year, November to March is the best time to experience the desert safari Dubai. In this period, the heat is lesser than other time of the year. If you go for an evening or overnight desert safari, what time of the year you go won’t be an issue as the heat won’t be a problem at all.

Adventure Sports

Desert Safari

Apart from beholding breathtaking views of the Dubai’s popular desert landscapes, you can take part in various sports like dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, sand boarding and more. Adventure sports that you can take part in Dubai desert can be simple adventure to highly adventurous. Like visiting Dubai desert and not riding a camel is a rare thing. Make sure you have a pair of sunglass with you before you go for the desert safari. It can save you from discomfort. If you are interested in daytime safari, make sure you have a hat as well.

Overnight Safari

Going for an overnight safari is one of the most popular option as it allows you to see the stunning moon in the middle of a desert. If you are travelling Dubai in a group, you can party all night in the middle of the desert. Arrange a BBQ party, enjoy some Middle Eastern music and relax. It can be an experience of a lifetime.

Dubai Desert Safari Price

The cost of a Dubai desert safari can be as low as USD $50. But you always get plenty of luxury options that can cost you even $300 per person. In fact, it depends on what is included in the package. There are so many amazing deals available from various operators. So, make sure you explore various options before you make a final decision.

Trying Dubai desert safari is an automatic thing to do in Dubai if you are yet to try it. So, next time you visit Dubai, make sure you don’t miss out this wonderful adventure.

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