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What Would Happen If You Used An Electric Beater/Mixer With Only One Spindle Inserted


Did you know that Mixers are one thing you will find common in every house, restaurants, and other cooking places. Most of the people think a knife, forks and spoons are the standard tools can be consulted in the kitchens. There is also another fact that no restaurant is complete there are a set of mixers are available.

The majority of the kitchens, where you can find mixers are above 87%, which is significantly high in the USA alone. If you compare the percentages with other countries, you can find similar numbers. There are many types of mixers in the world. The manufacturers who are producing the different types of machines are planning to release new models with newer technology, which is quite amazing.

Since there are various types of mixers in the world, you can find numerous kinds of technology in it, which might new for you.

Electric Mixers:

The mixer is created to function for your needs. When the company has assembled the machine, they add all necessary options and things to it, so that the work is carried out correctly. If you are planning to use a mixer with one spindle, then let me tell you that many brands have manufactured mixers with only one spindle.

If your mixer constructed with one spindle, then it will function normally. However, you have a mixer which is supposed be three spindle mixer but descended two spindles then there are few things, which you need to consider. Allow me to give you few things that can happen if you are using one spindle mixer.

One Spindle Mixer

  • Electric Mixers have three to four axle, but if you insert only one, then it will not function properly.
  • Most of the stand mixers make a loud noise when one of the spindles is missing.
  • If the pressure is high or the motor is high-end, then you may end up break the engine core part.
  • The pressure created when one of the spindles is missing then you may experience extremely destabilized mixer.
  • There are few expensive mixers tend to slow down in performance, but you will not experience splashing, abnormal shakes or any vibration.
  • The performance will decrease, and it will take longer to cut down the dough than before.

As we have mentioned above, it may happen in your case but remember, it isn’t safe for you to try on the mixer in the wrong condition. You may break something which can cost you more.


If you are planning to use a mixer in that condition, then I would say that it isn’t a good idea. As you already know that the mixer is not ready to take the load. If you keep, insist then you may end up damaging it more. Of course, it is possible that few more things can happen when using it with one spindle. If you have any questions or suggestions to add, then you can comment below.


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