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How to Crack Civil Services Exam


I am not going write neither I totally know how to crack this exam. But there is one very good document made by previous rankers. There was some very nice co-ordinated effort by these even nicer people to join together in an effort to find a solution for the never-answerable question – How to Crack the civil services examination.

The PDF , through my efforts, was famous as the 120 page document! , is really a path finder for all the aspirants, especially for the beginners. There are and there will be many aspirants without proper guidance/people who can guide them. This document can be a virtual guru for all of them.

Books list for all the subjects, GS and everything else has been clearly mentioned in a very understandable manner. Please go through this document. All of your doubts and worries will be solved. I promise. Its big, dont hesistate to read it fully even though it is going to take time.

Many people have also asked me to mail this document to them when it is already available on many document sharing sites (uploaded by many of my good co-aspirants). Still, the requests come in. Please put effort to search and find it for yourselves. Spoon feeding is strictly not recommended !

So with a last hope, I upload this document here for the benefit of all.

Please click the link below for downloading the document.

How to crack Civils Document (120-page document): download here

Other links for download:

All the very best.

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