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How To Travel While Working


You are working at the office and looking through the window wishing to quit this dull routine and experience the world. You have always been dreaming to travel more and to see the places of interest that attract you most of all.

If you have a wish to work and earn money and at the same time make interesting trips around the world, there are many possibilities to travel with your work.


Here are some of them for your consideration:

You can find a job in hotels, hostels or resorts. In many countries of the world, they hire staff from other countries, especially if you are a native speaker of English or know this language very well. Of course, knowledge of the language of the country you will stay in will be only a plus.

You can even do some seasonal work of gathering, for example, pick fruit, mushrooms or berries. But this choice is for you only if you are ready to work hard and are able to stay outdoors most of the time.

You can use travelling to earn money and earn money for traveling by posting or selling online the most interesting photos, videos or blog about your experience. You will be able to sell your most astonishing photos to different websites, tour companies, magazines or even book publishers. Travel blogs are very popular.

People have a big interest in such things especially if they consider you an ordinary person just like them who is sharing his experience.

If you are a talented narrator, then you can become a travel writer and write articles or even books about things you have experienced abroad or you even can try to become a freelancer and people will be paying you to write an essay online. Think what will be the goal of your trips and subject of your articles – whether it will be the history of some places, describing characters, habits of people and their way of life or discovering some new spots. Make your readers feel your fellow travelers.

Volunteering also offers a great possibility to see many foreign countries. Volunteers are needed everywhere and being a volunteer you will be able to save some money on room and food.


But as for me, the best way to be free in your moving and choices is to be a freelancer. You will depend only on your laptop and availability of the Internet. You can realize your knowledge and skills remotely in so many fields. If you are an expert in writing, translation, web design, website development, programming, graphic design, online research, data scraping, administrative support etc., you are able work from any place of the world. Upwork is a famous freelancing platform with the help of which you can work for clients from all parts of the world independently from the place of your stay. There are also many other platforms that are not worse, but not so huge

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