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Does iRestore Help Regrow Hair?


When the internet started growing in popularity—before Google organized everything—the web was rife with trashy marketing and scammy offers.

One of the most popular ones you would have come across was promise after promise to cure baldness.

But over the years, baldness has remained a mystery to the medical world. While some forms of baldness can be treated, prevented and even reversed, the most common cause of baldness (genetics and ageing) is a fate most men and women simply accept as ‘part of life’.

But all that has changed!

You see, there’s always been an effective form of treatment for baldness; laser treatment. The only problem was that it was too expensive for the average person.

But today we’re witnessing a massive breakthrough in this kind of technology. iRestore has recently been made available to the public. And it’s not at all what you think it is.

What is iRestore?

What if you could take laser treatment and make it available to private users in the comfort of their own homes?

That’s exactly the concept iRestore has birthed. iRestore is a compact head device that rests on your head while you do… well, whatever it is you do.

While it’s on your head, professional laser treatment is being administered to your scalp. This is the secret to iRestore.

How Does It Work?

The concept is a simple one. Why search for a treatment for baldness when one already exists. Rather concentrate on making that treatment available for everyone!

The treatment is based on the same proven concept that’s been administered for decades at professional laser clinics.

This treatment is known as low-level light therapy (or LLLT). For those who can afford it, it’s been an absolute lifesaver for people going bald.

Men who feel they are too young to be experiencing hair loss, are often keen to do whatever it takes to purchase this treatment for themselves.

But for the most part, it’s women who flock to these clinics to stop their hair from receding. LLLT not only prevents further balding, it also promotes hair growth.

It’s the replenishing power of LLLT that’s now packaged in a compact little device known as iRestore.

It’s Drug Free

When people hear the name, iRestore, they automatically think this treatment is some sort of shampoo, tablet or scalp lotion. That’s because in the past, most products claiming to treat baldness appear in these forms.

But iRestore is not a drug at all. There are no chemicals being put into your body. There’s no secret ingredient magically restoring your hair from thinning.

It’s a safe device you can use anywhere.

What do These Products Actually Do?

Speaking of products that claim to treat baldness, let’s take a look at some of them.

What do they do and why are they still on the market?

Baldness treatments often come in the one or more of the following forms:

–          Shampoos

–          Lotions

–          Pills, tablets or capsules

–          Consumable medicine

You won’t struggle to find them at any pharmacy. So someone must be buying these products. So do these products work?

The short answer is, sometimes. (And I use the term lightly)

You see there are a few causes of baldness. The most common is hereditary, which has always been considered incurable.

But baldness can also be caused by other factors:

–          Stress

–          Nutrient deficiency

–          Skin dehydration

–          Trauma

For some of these causes, there are obviously solutions, and those solutions often present themselves in the form of anti-baldness products.

Using these products MAY reverse or stop the problem, but success stories seem to be few and far between.

iRestore has a much higher success rate, and a guarantee to back it up!

It Comes with a Solid Guarantee

I have little time for companies who can’t back up their promises. I’ve heard it all, and I’m old enough to know that what people say and what they do are often contradictory.

iRestore has backed up their claim with a six-month money back guarantee. They’ll even pay the shipping expenses for you to return the device.

Now that’s the kind of dedication I like to see in a company—especially one making a claim as boldly as this one.

Like, “Wow, okay. You cured baldness? Prove it.”

Results Take Up to 6 Months

With iRestore, you will not have to guess whether the treatment is working. You’ll be able to tell the difference from six months.

Here’s a suggestion for how to go about this:

–          First take a before photo of your scalp so that you have some reference six months down the line

–          Then try the therapy consistently for the six-month period. Be careful to follow all instructions to the letter, and make sure you use the device as often as the instructions tell you to

–          Take another picture on the six-month mark and compare it to your initial photo

This is not only to cover yourself when claiming the guarantee, it’s also a way for you to not return the device if some progress—however slight—has been made.

If you see a small to medium degree of replenished hair, you’ll be motivated to continue the treatment until more of a difference is noticed.

It’s Clinically Proven

Like I said, iRestore has a higher success rate than other types of treatments. Plus it’s a high value investment if you consider what you’re getting for the price you pay.

There are tons of testimonials from people who swear by this treatment. And not just words, put photographic evidence too!

So the question must be asked again! Does iRestore help regrow hair?

Yes, it does! And they’re so confident in this that they’ll return your money if it doesn’t work!

This treatment is now available for a fraction of the price of professional laser treatment. Now every family can own their own anti-baldness device and defeat baldness for good!

So instead of saying that baldness is just a way of life, try the newly FDA approved iRestore and watch yourself transform within months.

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