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Maintenance Tips: Keeping a Tankless Water Heater Efficient

Tips to Keeping a Tankless Water Heater Efficient

Keeping a Tankless water heater efficient for an extended period is really not that tough. You just have to pay attention to some little details of maintenance and all that what it takes.

Over the time your Rinnai tankless water heater can build up minerals inside the tank. These minerals will gradually erode the wall insides its heating chamber. It could only prevent by proper maintenance like flush your tank once in a year to removing all the mineral deposits from it. The manufacturer recommended cleaning the tanks once in every six months to three years.

A little knowledge of cleaning can save from hazard of calling a plumber. That also saves your time and money.

Some maintenance Tips to Keeping a Tankless Water Heater Efficient

Here given below some important but effective tips to keeping a water heater efficient. Lets’ get started.

Begin with turning off the power source of the heater. Power supply means the circuit breaker or the main gas switch of the device.

There is three water valves are attaching with the Rinnai heater. You will found there a blue and red colored valve in your tankless heater. The first one is for cold and second one is for hot water supply. And the third one, it could be any color valve actually supplies the water in your house. Found them and shut them down tightly.

All the hot and cold water valves have purge valves on it. Remove them carefully. This is for releasing any pressure that could be built inside the tank. Make sure the valves especially the hot water valve is accurately shut off.

In most cases, the manufacturer is supplying hosing lines for flashing the tanks. Take them out and attach them with those three valves. If yours don’t come along, you have to purchase them separately.

Now it’s time to open them. Open the valve’s purge port just way the was before.

The minerals accumulate over the time inside your tank could not be wash out by using regular or soap water. For that use undiluted white vinegar (2.5 gallons) or water tank solutions. But beside of harsh chemical vinegar are better to use. It’s safer for health due this tank water is going to your bathroom, kitchen and even your drinking water purification system.

With your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, there must be an instruction a manual which mentions about the tank flushing. Follow the procedure mentioned there to flushing and draining it. It will take around 45 minutes to complete. After completing the flush close the purge ports again.

Now remove the hosing line from all the water valves and replace the purge port valves caps securely. Read once again the manual for how to re-start the heater safely. Mostly they suggest rotating and opening the hot and cold water valves so they can be parallel to the position of the main valve.

Finally turn on your hot water tap in the sink to pass the air via pipeline. When it starts to run water, leave that for 2/3 min for steady water out.

Also check out the best tankless Water Heater reviews of 2017 from Purifier Advisors. It’s a really simple process, but it will help the tank last for at least 20-25 years if you follow that on a regular basis. So just take only an hour once in a year to complete the flushing to keeping a Rinnai Tankless water heater efficient

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