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What makes Rado watches a Gentleman’s first choice?


Innovation and elegance have made Rado the beloved luxury watch brand it is today. Staying true to their brand motto – if we can imagine it, we can make it – the brand has been popular for creating stunning timepieces that cater to the dynamic preferences of every generation. These watches are tough at the core and elegant in visual design, making them a gentleman’s first choice. It has become a part of the modern man’s wardrobe, and is undisputedly a mandatory addition to a connoisseur’s collection.

Rado watches boasts of super-fine mechanical engineering and body finish that ensures its longevity. These are designed to represent ambition and success. So, it is likely that you have seen successful men adorning Rado on their wrist; it symbolizes the success they have attained, and the success they must chase. They are also often gifted to those who have crossed a major milestone or accomplished their goals, reinforcing the brands’ association with pride and success. The most popular pieces from Rado include:

Rado Original [Model No: R12391153-114.0391.3.015]

Rado Orignal

Truly a gentleman’s desire, this oval shaped masterpiece in black and silver is a beauty to behold. Made from stainless steel and sapphire crystal, this timekeeper is durable, scratch and glare free. Its matt black dial is etched with 11 diamonds and the silver toned hands are encapsulated by a mirror effect bezel for a classic charm. The beautifully crafted dial rests on an alluring stainless and hi-tech ceramic steel bracelet. Emanating an elegant aura, this wristwatch will speak volumes about a man’s personality.


Rado Centrix [Model No: R30181312]

Rado Centrix

Personifying ‘perfection’, this classic wristwatch has to be a part of every seasoned watch collector. Rado Centrix amalgamates steel and rose gold in the right balance to ensure durability and magnetic allure to this elegant piece. Its tapered and lightweight bracelet made from stainless steel is finished with rose gold, thus emanating elegance. If there is one timekeeper that does not compromise on style and comfort then it has to be the Rado Centrix.

Rado Original [Model No: R12413313-648.0413.3.031]

Rado Original 2

 This extravagant golden watch is studded with eleven pristine blue diamonds making it a perfect choice to make a long lasting impression. An evergreen timepiece from Rado’s original series, this watch showcases a round case coated with hard metal. Blending effortlessly with the case and dial is the stainless steel bracelet. A Gentleman who has a penchant for royal and classic wristwatches must get their hands on this classic piece by Rado.

Rado Original [Model No: R12638163-541.0638.3.016]

Rado Original 3

This contemporary timekeeper from Rado original collection has a bold and classic appeal—something irresistible for all watch lovers. Designed with contemporary style, it incorporates an oval oxidized silver case enclosing a black dial marked with silver coated hour, minute, and second hands. The stainless steel bracelet with a grey middle section imparts stability and style to the design. Its black dial highlights some of the most prominent and striking feature like the seconds equalizer.While the subdial helps track accurate time. Powered with quartz movement, this Rado watch is efficient in tracking milliseconds. One can also view date in the aperture of the dial.

Rado Centrix [Model No: R30134162]

Rado Centrix 2

This masterpiece from Rado Centrix collection exhibits exquisite horological art work. The wristwatch features a steel case finished 18ct yellow gold that adds to its distinctive charm. Its two toned bracelet in black and yellow blends effortlessly with its matt black dial. The watch also incorporates 2 pushers calibrator for dial motion and sub-dial adjustment.





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