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What you need to know about Buying Activewear


Regular physical activity and fitness routines are important steps towards feeling and looking good. Long-term results require you to be consistent and as active as possible. Activewear consists of different types of clothing items that range from general pieces to specially engineered accessories that are based on performance.

Pants and Bottoms

  • Whether you enjoy going to the gym, playing sports regularly or jogging on a daily basis, there are activewear pants that can enhance your performance, comfort and energy during your activities.
  • Options such as soft cotton blends provide a loose fit to accommodate a wide range of motion for activities such as jogging.
  • Shorts are also a popular trend as well as running or leggings that are designed for extended runs. Ski and snowboarding pants offer specific detailing for the purpose of aiding performance and comfort during sports.

Compression Wear

  • Compression wear refers to garments that are specially designed to support the muscles, protect the skin from moisture and keep you fully engaged in your workout or activity. This category consists of skin-tight clothing that may be worn as support layers below activewear pieces or as individual garments.
  • Compression tops and shirts are regarded as performance enhancers and are often worn for sports like soccer, running and cycling.
  • Compression tights and pants provide warmth and insulation when you are active during the colder seasons of the year.
  • There are different colors within the range of compression activewear Australia and this type of clothing typically features bold colors and geometric patterns that complement the shape of the body.

Jackets and Jerseys

Hooded jackets or jerseys are commonly referred to as hoodies and are valued for their versatility and comfort. They not only serve as warm-up apparel but also as stylish street wear that are ideal for various casual settings.

The designs vary with some activewear hooded jackets and jerseys featuring zips or a pullover style. Hoodies usually display branding elements for certain sports or teams that are characteristic of their fashionable appearance. These items can be used as outerwear during and after workouts.

 Track Tops and Pants

Track tops usually consist of a zip at the front and the iconic stripe on the cuffs or sleeves. They can be paired with matching track pants to complete the look. The set can be worn when going to events and during warm-up sessions. Track tops are similar to hoodies as items that allow people to transition effortless from a sporting event to a social occasion.

Shorts and Tees

  • Many activewear shorts are constructed from advanced materials to keep the wearer cool under intense conditions. Elastic waistbands and drawstrings secure the shorts during rigorous activities.
  • Several activewear tees are made from moisture or sweat-wicking fabrics and materials that minimize exposure to moisture, relax and engage the muscles as well as aid performance.
  • Options for tee-shirts range from crewnecks to v-necks, depending on personal preference.


When you want to purchase activewear, it is always a good idea to be aware of the average sizing options in different categories. The type of clothing wear you wear for workouts and sporting activities will determine how comfortable you are and affect the quality of your performance.


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