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All You need to know about Car Suspension System

Car Suspension System

When it comes to cars, most of the people talk about power, torque, and speed, but all these things are useless if a driver cannot control the car. That is the reason why automotive engineers turned their attention towards suspension system as soon as they earned them, especially in a 4-stroke combustion engine.

Basically, the major duty of car suspension system is to maximize tyres and road surface, allowing steering ability, keeping the passengers comfy. Here, will learn how these car parts work and how it has evolved over the years.

What is suspension system?

It is vehicle system which is connected to tyres that reduces road shocks and vibrations. Its major components include shock absorbers, and springs. Moreover, it offers stability during running condition, making cornering easy and comfortable.

Basic functions of Suspension System

  1. It reduces the shocks due to the irregularity of road.
  2. It reduces vibration occurs due to engine and gearbox condition.

How does it work?

Suspension System

As said earlier, suspension assembly is composed of major components i.e. spring and shock absorber and works on the basic principle of spring energy. When your car come into contact with bumps, it puts force on the wheel. Here, the spring is compressed quickly and stores the energy without transmitting the load on vehicle’s body. Then again, it tends to expand and compress. The damper, on the other hand, works as a damping element which converts the spring energy into heat and offers resistance between spring oscillations.

This is how, the shock created by road disappears and brings comfortable riding condition.

 Suspension System Types

Suspension System Types

There are two types of suspension systems in the automotive industry. The Dependant, where both the wheel on the axle are connected to the same and the force on one wheel is affected by the motion of the second wheel. It has the major advantage of carrying more weight than any other type. However, in Independent suspension systems, both the wheels on the same axle are connected to separate and the force on one wheel does not affect the movement of other. This suspension offers more comfort and better handling. The dependant systems are mostly used for a commercial vehicle like bus and trucks while the independent ones are used in cars and Volvo buses.

Where to buy suspension system online?

The spare parts industry in India is very unorganized. Due to the lack of knowledge and information, car owners often get cheated by the repair shops as fixing a car suspension is a complex process. But, the rise of electronic commerce has changed the way people used to shop for spare parts. The car suspension repair can be done easily as you can buy it online with a few clicks. Visit the link to buy suspension parts –

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