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New York City Tour Life Hacks for an Exceptional Experience


Touring big cities couldn’t be easier given the countless offers, ranging from the expensive type to the free ones. New York City is one city where tourists flock to embrace the power of innovation, beauty, and novelty among other bewildering features. The city has a lot to offer including The Rockefeller Centre, The Metropolitan Museum, Theatre District, Broadway– you name it!

However, it might be too early to drool if you lack the life hacks to handle the racing walkers, high expenses, frequent tipping, occasional scammers, and countless avoidable inconveniences. So, to get the best, you need some basic life hacks to save time and money.

Don’t Dwell in Obvious Places

Visiting the most famous sightseeing places in New York is likely at the top of your must-visit list. Times Square and the Empire State Building most likely ring a bell, and you plan to spend the better half of your mornings in some of these places. However, some of these hotspots will not offer you the best NYC experience.

Find an alternative  

Common tour sights in big cities are often flooded with tourists, locals, vendors and all manner of entertainers. If you have a better alternative offering similar or even better sightseeing opportunities, then avoid popular hotspots. Search online, ask a friend, or find a tour and travel agency to get the next best alternative.

For instance, if you have a sightseeing cruise on your must-visit list, consider switching it up with a ferry ride. Sightseeing cruises give you an up-close and candid view of Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty among other famous spots. Consider making your travel less expensive and go for some free ferry rides, such as the Staten Island Ferry. Opting for alternatives can lower your budget and allow you to afford some extra luxuries or treats.


Things not to do in New York

Knowing the dos and don’ts in a city like New York can make your travel a hundred times less strenuous, annoying or frustrating. Many are the inconveniences you are likely to overlook when planning your day that will ruin your trip for the day or the whole week. Below are some tips to help you avoid common inconveniences tourists face when traveling in New York City.

Trust Blindly

New York City is one of the safest cities for tourists, but don’t become easy prey for the scammers in the business. Be wary of over-friendly strangers, chess players in the corridors, and people begging for money on the subways.

The subway stations are also a common playground for scammers selling fake metro cards. Avoid buying your metro card from small outlets, and opt for major subway stations, such as the West Fourth Street, 14th Street, or Times Square stations.

Honeypot travel deals are also easy bait for tourists. Avoid travel deals on tours and trips from companies you don’t recognize. Scammers also love phishing as it is an easy way to get quick cash. A common, easy scam happens when scammers create websites identical to some reputable companies. So, to avoid falling prey to such scams, confirm that the URL of the site you visit is correct. For example, if you’re looking to visit TopView Sightseeing, check the URL to ensure that the title is not misspelled or feature additional characters that distort the web address.


Block Sidewalks and paths

Second to the hippie mixtape seller, the next thing New Yorkers hate most is anyone in their way. You can easily tell from their fast, focused pace that New Yorkers have no time to waste. If their walking speed isn’t proof enough of their agitation, the fact that they will not hesitate to shove off anyone in their way says it all. Avoid blocking the sidewalks and any other pathways; stay out of people’s way at all costs.


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