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News Publisher Knowledge Panel Introduced by Google


Today the internet is filled with news articles and unfortunately, some of them share nothing but false information. You must have read those fake news stories and believed every bit of it only to realize later that you were fooled by some mischievous news publisher. Authenticity and credibility are the two essential factors to judge the quality of news and thus, it is crucial to know about the publisher hiding behind the story you are reading so eagerly on the internet. Google is fighting with fake news publishers for the last couple of years to make sure that it does not become a hoax sharing platform like Facebook where fake death news of celebrities and other such misinformation are so common.

The Search for Authenticity

When you read news posted by BBC or Reuters or The New York Times, you trust it completely. Why? It is because these publications are famous for sharing genuine information. However, there are also some less famous news publishers out there who post indisputable articles, but since you may not have heard about them before, you doubt their authenticity. On the contrary, some stories sound so fascinating that you believe what you read, but a little fact check often reveals that the news publisher has no credibility whatsoever!

Google’s Solution

Google has just released a knowledge graph card for news publishers. It shows information about the news publishers so that the web users can learn more about them. This knowledge panel occupies the entire above-the-fold area of the search results with detailed information about the publication you have searched for.

If you search for a news publisher, the knowledge graph card will display the following information.

  • Writes about: This section shows the most frequently covered topics by the publisher
  • Reviewed claims: This part is displayed only when a major amount of the publisher’s posts have been crosschecked by a trustworthy fact checker
  • Awards: This section shows the awards the news publishing organization may have won so far


Google also revealed that though the search for a news publication’s name may show the knowledge panel at the top of the SERP, the ranking of the other web pages of that same publisher won’t be affected. Keep in mind that every publisher may not have a knowledge panel though. The search engine giant said that if you publish fresh, genuine, news-related content consistently and frequently then you have a better chance of getting your very own knowledge panel on SERP. Above post has been contributed by LasVegasWebDesignCo.

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