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Planning to Have a Long Travel? Here’s Why You Should Start Changing Your Own Motor Oil


At times, cars can prove to be complicated machines and thus the need to be familiar with a few elements of their workings. You may not fully understand the status of your transmission from assessing the tailpipe, but you should at least know how to change the oil.

Doing the oil change is not that hard; it is relatively easy to learn and a fun way of getting hands-on when learning about your car. In fact, doing oil changes is a part of the regular maintenance routines that will see your vehicle running without problems; you will not have to pay for this service once you get the hang of it. You will become the best travelling mechanic Houston has to offer.

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You can do the oil change at home. You will have to get under your vehicles with an oil pan to empty the oil into the container once you remove the plug. You can slide out and go to do something else as the oil drains and come back to insert the plug back and then open the top to pour in new oil. If you need to change the filter, you can do that as the oil drains and insert a new or clean one.

It will take you around 5 – 10 minutes to get the job done plus you can save the old oil in a container until you find the time to dispose of the oil as you do other errands.

If you prefer having the oil change done for you, you will have to contend with the dreaded waiting or having to interact with other people as you wait for your car to be serviced. You may get an opportunity to do something else as the oil is replaced, but that is not certain.

Doing it yourself comes with some sense of value especially if you are confident that you have done everything correctly and even the new filters you have put in are what you choose. Again, there is the need to ensure the oil change is done correctly. Most car maintenance shops fail to do a proper job when changing the oil; most do not let the oil drain completely. Emptying out the oil should be given enough time, giving it a few minutes will have some oil still left inside. Give it at least an hour so that you can drain all the dirty oil. Most auto shops will not give your vehicle an hour to remove the oil.

For those they opt to hire the services of a mechanic, their focus is on time. They only need to drop off their vehicles and then go run other errands. They can go to the salon, do some grocery shopping, head to the auto servicing station to get their car, and then drive back to the groceries to pick their purchases. It is all about being able to multitask.

Nevertheless, being able to do it yourself will see you save some dollars; however, several factors may sway to consider paying for the services.

Now is a good time to consider changing your vehicle’s oil and here are five reasons why.

  1. You Can Get Instructions Online

 You can find instructions on how to change the oil of any car online. An online search will give you multiple directions for different vehicle makes and models, and the guides can be in the form of video tutorials or literature.  Use these resource to understand any of the technical difficulties you may face when changing the motor oil and discover the ways to get the job done and the required tools.

  1. Easy To Find Oil, Filters, And Tools

 Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to know the oil and filter specification and determine the tool you will need, only then will you buy the right equipment from your local auto spares and parts store. Most of the shops have a vast selection of filter and oil, and thus it is essential to know what you need so that you purchase quality products.

  1. Quality Control

 In most cases, you will find the oil changed and your car waiting for you when you take it to the auto servicing station, but you will not be given the specifications of the oil used or the manufacturer. While most auto technicians will use the right oil for your car, some unscrupulous mechanics will use substandard oil just to cut costs. Opting to change the oil yourself eliminates such risks and you are guaranteed of the quality of oil used, and that is what’s specified for your vehicle.

  1. Time Saving

 You may have to get your hand dirty when doing it yourself, but you also get to save time that you would have otherwise spent driving to and from the auto station and the hour or so of waiting. You can just buy the oil and filters needs as you run your errands while heading home from work and then do the oil change in the evening after you have relaxed a little. You will not have to spend money and waste time hitching a ride to the mechanic to pick your car and then head back.


  1. Personal Satisfaction


Knowing that you have done something of a technical nature that plays a role in the maintenance and proper running of your car can provide personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Moreover, you get to learn the inner workings of your vehicle thus you will appreciate the technical elements of the same. A few oil changes in, and you soon start feeling confident about doing other routine repairs and maintenances such as replacing the brake pads.

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