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Which Portable Air Conditioner to Buy?


With the summer season fast approaching, the celsius is about to touch new highs. As it’s going to get pretty hot, you’ll need to find ways to cool off. Thankfully, there are numerous things that you can do to beat the heat. While drinking lots of water and avoiding direct sunlight are sure to help, nothing beats a cold, air-conditioned room. Though standard air conditioners do a good job of cooling a room, they’re hard to install and maintain. Portable air conditioners have many of the same advantages while being more accessible. With that being said, you must now be asking which portable air conditioner to buy?

  1. Whynter ARC14SH

This portable AC is a good-looking appliance that functions well. It’s got an angular design, which sharp lines and curves, that makes it look very modern. The design is complemented by the two-tone paint job of black and white. The colors are quite neutral and should blend in with the overall aesthetic of any room pretty easily.

This Whynter machine is pretty powerful and capable when it comes to cooling. It has no problem in cooling larger spaces as well. Of course, it’s cooling prowess would be quite meaningless if it was difficult to operate. Thankfully, the AC is mostly easy to use. The buttons are laid out thoughtfully, with a clear LCD display occupying the central space. The LCD displays the selected temperature and other relevant settings.

Now let’s address what sets this model apart. While most portable ACs are designed to be used only for cooling, this model is more versatile. It has two-in-one functionality. That means that it can be used a heater as well as an AC. This is great for people who live in climates where the temperature varies a lot from summer to winter. This unit can be used to effectively regulate the room temperature in both conditions.

  1. LG LP1215GXR

LG is no stranger when it comes to making high-quality home appliances. The brand is well-known across the world as a manufacturer of good products. This portable AC from them only adds to their reputation. It has all the features and reliability that one would come to expect from an LG product.

In the matter of cooling, the LG unit is quite powerful. It does a good job at cooling a room quickly and effectively. There are two aspects in which the LG excels in particular. The first is efficiency. Despite being so powerful, LG’s portable air conditioner is one of the most efficient. It uses less power to achieve the same results as more inefficient models. Essentially, it’s able to do more with less.

The second aspect in which this AC really shines is quietness. It’s often found that air conditioners, even fixed units, can create a lot of noise during normal operation. This can be pretty annoying and distracting at day time. At night, it’s even worse since loud noises can make it hard to fall asleep and could cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. The LG portable AC presents no problem in this area. During operation, it always keeps it sound output below 70 dB. This means that the unit will be virtually unnoticeable. Together, the quietness and efficiency of the unit make it a solid option that’s easy to recommend.

  1. Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner

Size is often a problem when it comes to portable air conditioners. Portable ACs tend to be large and occupy a lot of space. If this a problem for you, you should look into Haier’s portable air conditioner. It does a lot to minimize its physical footprint. As a result, it’s relatively smaller than products from competing brands. In fact, it’s the smallest portable AC that’s worth buying.

The small dimensions don’t come at the price of any compromises. This Haier model performs just as well as units that are larger than it. Thus, functionality hasn’t been sacrificed at the altar of looks and dimensions. Speaking of looks, this unit is one of the best looking out there. The air conditioner looks sleek and modern. It’s got a two-tone paint job up front. White covers most of the exteriors, with black serving as an accent at the borders.

For the purpose of portability, there are also four wheels at the bottom to help you to move it around the house. The wheels are smooth and make the task of transport easier.


While you can’t really go wrong with any of the models that I’ve mentioned and reviewed, LG’s stands out as the best portable AC. More information about air conditioners can be found at


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